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How to keep our bathroom clean without too much effort?

How to keep our bathroom clean without too much effort?

A bathroom is a place that is unquestionably connected with cleanliness and hygiene. Cleaning it, however, can be extremely tedious. That is hardly surprising – a large area to clean, numerous nooks and crannies and the fact that it is used so frequently – all these issues make cleaning the bathroom a chore that requires a lot of effort and even more time. How do we change it then? Well, that is quite simple!


The secret to a clean bathroom

The real secret to a perfectly clean bathroom is its ergonomics. That is why we should consider how we are going to maintain cleanliness in the bathroom already at the interior planning stage. The proper distribution of the furniture and the ceramics, as well as the adequate installation of fittings will minimize the number of nooks and crannies that require tedious cleaning. Choosing wall-hung furniture and bathroom ceramics, like those from the MODUO or CREA collections is also a great idea. Doing so will make it much easier to remove grime, while optically enlarging the bathroom at the same time. When it comes to cabinets and simple, minimalist washbasins, toilets or wall-hung bidets with smooth surfaces, cleaning them is usually as simple as wiping them with a cloth soaked in a mild cleaning agent.

Clean bathroom without the hassle - thanks to technology

If we want to be able to clean our bathroom quickly and without much effort, we should incorporate modern technology into its design. Some of the washbasins, bathtubs and toilets available on the market have been designed in such a way, as to make our bathroom stay clean for as long as possible. For example, washbasins from the CREA collection, created with the use of Rocklite technology, are not only lightweight and durable but also covered with an extremely smooth enamel coating that prevents the adhesion of grime and lime or soap residues, as well as making the removal of such residues surprisingly easy. The Easy bathroom series is yet another excellent solution to this issue. These products utilise the CleanPro technology, based on the special properties of ceramic silicon coating, which prevents the formation of unsightly spots, stains or streak marks. When choosing a toilet bowl, you should opt for a rimless variant. Thanks to that you will be able to avoid cleaning the hard-to-reach areas within the bowl, and at the same time, it will also leave one less spot for bacteria to accumulate in. CleanPro technology used in Cersanit toilets allows you to keep your toilet clean without the need for excessive scrubbing and using strong chemicals. As a complement to the ceramics, we offer the antibacterial toilet seat from the CREA collection, which will help you keep your bathroom clean and sanitary.

Can bathroom tiles make cleaning easier?

Are your bathroom tiles covered with water stains and lime residue? This is a problem that keeps many of us awake at night. If we do not want to polish the walls and the floor of our bathroom after every use, we need to choose brightly-coloured tiles, with a smooth texture and a slightly shiny finish, such as those available as part of the DARIA collection. Any sort of grime will be much less noticeable on such a surface. Tonal tiles or tiles covered with small patterns can also help you retain the sense of “cleanliness”. Another important factor is choosing the right colour for joints, as otherwise the overall design may appear unaesthetic. Their colour must match the colour of the tiles, but its shade cannot be too bright. In general, it is safer to choose darker shades. It is also a good idea to impregnate the joints with a special chemical agent that will prevent quick soiling and discolouration.

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