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MODUO is a collection with unlimited possibilites

Kolekcja MODUO

MODUO — mix and match the elements of your bathroom with a guarantee of perfect fit! Thanks to the unlimited possibilities provided by our extensive collection of furniture, ceramics, and fittings, you can arrange a functional and stylish bathroom with ease.
MODUO’s modern design, universal colours, easy storage, and extensive arrangement possibilities is Cersanit’s comprehensive solution for a perfect bathroom.
 Whether arranging you own spacious bathing spa room or an undersized, cramped, small bathroom with difficult-to-arrange proportions, you will find a solution in the MODUO collection.

The possibilities are almost endless...


The wide range of the collection allows you to create many configurations of furniture and washbasins in a few simple steps. It is worth starting the composition with the selection of a countertop, and then proceed to the selection of a washbasin cabinet. Adapt the washbasin and complete the entire design with a wall hung cabinet or a pillar.

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We can also create a functional set consisting of a washbasin, an washbasin cabinet, an open module or a mirror cabinet. Bathroom furniture from the MODUO collection can be freely combined both vertically and horizontally - create consistent, optically light modules, adjusting them to the size of our bathroom or toilet.

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Bathroom furniture tailored to your needs

The distinguishing feature of the MODUO collection is an extremely wide range of modular bathroom furniture, which allows you to create both multi-element compositions and small bathroom sets. Smart storage options ensure maximum use of space. And the classic and universal furniture colours - white, gray, and oak-colored elements - will suit any bathroom styling.

On the other hand, various sizes of bathroom countertops, washbasin cabinets, wall hung cabinets, pillars, as well as shallow and deep washbasin cabinets, allow them to be easily adapted even to seemingly problematic bathrooms.
The MODUO collection is an excellent alternative for people seeking bathroom furniture to size. With the MODUO collection, it is easy to match furniture to the bathroom. It does not matter whether it is a small bathroom in a block of flats or a bathroom in a large house, Cersanit bathroom furniture can be integrated into any interior design.

Thanks to the Aquasafe technology on countertops and open wood-colored modules, the furniture is more resistant to moisture and mold, does not swell under the influence of water and does not delaminate. All this means that with MODUO you will design a bathroom that will not go out of fashion.


The hinges in the post door have a wide opening range, up to 165 degrees!

This way you can easily look into the mirror on the inner surface of the door.


Furniture that protrudes less from the wall helps you save valuable space in a small bathroom with no compromise related to functionality. Choose a set you like: a washbasin with a matching cabinet.


The shelves inside the hanging cabinets will allow you to conveniently store accessories and cleaning products. This is the maximum use of bathroom space.


Under-countertop and washbasin cabinets come with two spacious drawers to store your cosmetics. They feature the “soft-close” system.


Special milling of the door profile stops handles being needed to open the door.


Countertops and open modules available in oak colour, are made using Aquasafe technology. Owing to additional anti-mould impregnation and modified board density, the items are more resistant to moisture.

Washbasins perfect for your space

Furniture washbasins adjusted to washbasin cabinets are available in various sizes. In addition, each of them can be selected with a standard or with a smaller depth (distance from the wall: 22/35/38 cm) and with different width (40, 50, 60 and 80 cm). Thanks to this, there will be a place for them in every bathroom and toilet. The countertop washbasins, perfectly complement the sets with MODUO table tops.

A practical proposition are also washbasins in a counter in the dimensions of 50, 60 and 80 cm, adapted both for installation with washbasin furniture and countertops. On the other hand, countertop washbasins will perfectly complement sets with MODUO countertops.

Choose a solution that surprise you with the effect!

Functional toilet

The MODUO collection offers high quality toilet products with universal, oval shapes. They consist of wall hung bowls, WC compacts, toilet seats and bidet.

The use of new technologies has made the elements not only aesthetic but also functional. The rounded outer shapes and the specially profiled interiors of the bowls in CleanOn technology significantly help to keep the toilet clean. This eliminates the need for strong cleaning agents. What's more, the semi-back-to-wall solution, thanks to which the compact flat adheres to the wall, limits the number of hard to reach nooks and crannies. Moreover, the semi back-to-wall or full-back-to-wall solution (in the case of standing bowls), thanks to which the toilet lies flat against the wall, reduces hard-to-reach places. And hence, it facilitates cleaning the toilet.

CleanOn technology

The special shape of the toilet bowl has no rim which facilitates keeping it clean.

Read more about CleanON >>


Anti-bacterial toilet seats made of high quality duroplast which are hard-wearing and resistant to discolouration.


The toilet seat is easy to mount and remove to keep it clean.

Moduo Shower Zone

MODUO is a collection with simply unlimited possibilities. Thanks to the expanded range of shower enclosures, matching the perfect bathroom is no longer a problem! Regardless of whether you are arranging a larger space, or a tiny bathroom, MODUO collection will offer you the perfect solution adapted to your needs.

The MODUO series features quadrant, square and rectangular shower enclosures, as well as shower doors. The large selection allows you to combine a set that will suit every bathroom. Doors and walls may be assembled separately. The enclosure is equipped with a wall U-channel without visible screws or caps that allows it to be adjusted to accommodate wall curvature. Taller users will enjoy the height of the enclosure reaching 195 cm.



The hydrophobic CleanPro coating prevents the build-up of scale and other deposits and makes it easier to keep things clean in MODUO shower enclosures.



Installed along the door edge. Provides sturdiness of the square shower enclosure.


Intended for glass to wall mounting, ensures sturdiness of the quadrant enclosure.


Features a door-lifting function, creates a smooth surface with the wall profile.


Prevents water from escaping outside the shower enclosure.


No visible screws – creates a smooth easy-to-maintain surface.


They combine elegance and functionality thanks to the chrom finish.

Perfectly matched fittings

The unlimited possibilities of MODUO concept. This is why the bathroom furniture, ceramics and shower enclosures in this collection are joined by a whole new range of stylish faucets in universal chrome finish.
Thanks to the universal styling of MODUO concept, the classic design of fittings will match any bathroom.

MODUO fittings portfolio includes a bathtub-shower faucet, shower faucets, bidet faucets, washbasin faucets and shower sets with the SLIM rain shower and three-function shower head.

The consistency characteristic of the entire concept is reflected in the classic line of products, whose styling fits perfectly into any bathroom.




...MODUO catalogue, which you can download or view in the online browser.

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