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MODUO collection

MODUO is a collection with unlimited possibilities. A wide range of modular furniture allows you to create sets and multi-element series by yourself. The collection also includes furniture washbasins in various sizes and a toilet part.

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MODUO - unlimited possibilities of a minimalist bathroom

MODUO is a collection of solutions for all bathrooms. Simple in form, but rich in modular, multi-element sets, it allows you to easily compose a functional and stylish bathroom. Easy storage, modern design and extensive arranging options MODUO is a comprehensive response from Cersanit to the question of the perfect bathroom.

Multi-segment series of products, minimalist style and universal, fashionable colors is a combination that guarantees the creation of an interior perfectly matched to our taste and expectations. Regardless of whether we arrange a spacious bathing salon, or undersized, small bathroom with difficult proportions - the MODUO collection has a solution for us.

There are really many possibilities ...

Bathroom furniture tailored to your needs

A distinctive feature of the MODUO collection is an extremely wide range of modular bathroom furniture, enabling independent creation of both multi-element compositions and small bathroom sets. The maximum use of space is ensured by smart storage methods. A classic and versatile furniture color - white, gray, and oak-colored elements - will suit any bathroom styling.

In turn, the different sizes of bathroom countertops, under-countertop cabinets, wall hung cabinets, pillars, and shallow and deep washbasin cabinets, allow them to be easily adjusted even to problematic bathrooms.

The MODUO collection is an excellent alternative for people looking for bathroom furniture to size. With the MODUO collection, it is easy to match the furniture to the bathroom. No matter if it is a small bathroom in a block, or a bathroom in a large house, Cersanit bathroom furniture can be integrated into any interior design.

Cersanit washbasins are perfect to any space

Cersanit washbasins are perfect to any space

Furniture washbasins adjusted to washbasin cabinets are available in various sizes. In addition, each of them can be selected with a standard or with a smaller depth (distance from the wall: 22/35/38 cm) and with different width (40, 50, 60 and 80 cm). Thanks to this, there will be a place for them in every bathroom and toilet. The countertop washbasins, perfectly complement the sets with MODUO table tops.

Elegance and functionality for years

Minimalist and timeless furniture from the MODUO collection are available in two universal color variants - shiny white and shiny gray. Thanks to this, they can easily fit into almost any interior, regardless of its style. The collection is completed with light oak elements that add a bit of coziness to the room.

Simple lines, milled handles and smooth surfaces of cabinets and countertops make it easy to keep all elements of the collection clean.

The MODUO collection is, above all, functional bathroom solutions.

165-degree hinges, which the post is equipped with, provide freedom of use, especially when choosing a variant of the furniture with an additional, internal mirror.

Thanks to the Aquasafe technology on countertops and open wood-colored modules, the furniture is more resistant to moisture and mold, does not swell under the influence of water and does not delaminate. All this means that with MODUO you will design a bathroom that will not go out of fashion.

Bathroom in a few steps

Bathroom in a few steps

The wide range of the collection allows you to create many configurations of furniture and washbasins in a few simple steps. The composition should start with the selection of the countertop, and then go to the selection of the under-counter cabinet. Adjust the basin and complete the whole project with a hanging cabinet or pillar. We can also create a functional set consisting of a washbasin, a washbasin cabinet, an open module or a mirror cabinet. Bathroom furniture from the MODUO collection can be freely combined both vertically and horizontally. Create consistent, optically light modules, matching them to the size of our bathroom or toilet. Roomy cabinets and drawers will fit the necessary cosmetics and accessories. They provide additional storage space. And the soft-close silent closing system guarantees comfort of use.

Aesthetic toilet

The MODUO collection offers high quality toilet products with universal, oval shapes. They consist of wall hung bowls, standing bowls, WC compacts, toilet seats and bidet. The use of new technologies has made the elements not only aesthetic but also functional. The rounded outer shapes and the specially profiled interiors of the bowls in CleanOn technology significantly help to keep the toilet clean. This eliminates the need for strong cleaning agents. What's more, the semi-back-to-wall solution, thanks to which the compact flat adheres to the wall, limits the number of hard to reach nooks and crannies. And hence, it facilitates cleaning the toilet.

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