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A wide offer of Cersanit fittings - SELECTION, QUALITY, DESIGN

The comprehensive range of bathroom fittings

Cersanit, as an unquestionable leader on the bathroom furnishings market, constantly expands its offer with innovative products in line with the latest trends in design. At the same time, it cares about the widest possible availability of the proposed solutions, so that every consumer can make a comfortable choice tailored to their capabilities and individual needs. To meet the expectations of people looking for complete solutions, we present the new collections of bathroom fittings: INVERTO, CREA, CITY, MODUO, SUARO, BRASCO, CERSANIA, and the extended MILLE collection.


Water aerator EasyCLEAN

  • An aerated, soft water stream
  • Made of easy-to-clean, flexible silicone
  • Wrench included for easy aerator removal
  • Significant water savings of 40 to 60%

thermostatic faucet

  • Convenient switching between the rain shower and the hand shower
  • Safe 38 °C temperature lock
  • The comfort of constant water temperature during bathing
  • Water saving with quick heat adjustment

Safe Touch

  • Child safe technology 
  • Faucet body cooling
  • No accidental burns
  • A surface comfortable to the touch

A distinctively SLIM design

  • Durable stainless steel
  • Delicate form with a minimum thickness of 0.2 cm
  • Two shapes to choose from: round or square
  • comfortable size: ø25 or 25x25 cm


  • Easy to clean silicone nozzles
  • Nozzle surface preventing limescale build-up
  • Perfect water flow
  • Longer operating life and reliability

The Cersanit Water Save faucet aeratoR

  • Increases the water stream
  • Limits the water flow to 6 l/min
  • Aerates the water, thus visually increasing its volume
  • Strong, powerful stream without having to turn on the faucet to the maximum


Not all environmentally friendly innovations have to affect our habits. These can be small changes that pay off over time. With this in mind, the Cersanit brand has developed the EcoFriendly products used in washbasin faucets and shower sets.

See economical and ecological solutions in Cersanit fittings:

Save water in the EcoFriendly style!


The concealed box – compact and discreet

Complexity, space saving and interesting design – these are the characteristics of modern bathrooms. There is no room for unsightly plumbing installations. To meet the expectations of customers who value compactness and functionality, the Cersanit brand has created a faucet line with concealed mounting.

  • Aesthetically pleasing and modern solution
  • Saves space on the basin or countertop
  • A system that is easy to keep clean
  • Simple installation and maintenance
  • Concealed box included with each concealed faucet

Environmentally friendly Eco EPDM

In the new product lines, the Cersanit brand focused both on their usability and ecological aspects. One of these novelties is the use in the flexible connecting hoses of the WRAS-approved Eco EPDM material. In contrast to conventional connection materials, Eco EPDM is free from toxic elements and heavy metals.

  • Ecological, internal material – it does not emit harmful substances into the water
  • Water without alteration of natural taste and smell
  • High flexibility and durability
  • WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) compliant product


INVERTO is a collection of premium products and at the same time the richest range of faucets in the Cersanit portfolio. We can choose from bath-shower faucets, shower faucets, bidet faucets, shower sets with rain showers, freestanding bath-shower faucets and countertop washbasin faucets – including the high washbasin faucet, with a unique profile and shape. Of note are the unique solutions and functionalities:

  • Three INVERTO colors: matt black, chrome and gold.
  • 2 DESIGN IN 1 faucets feature two interchangeable handles, in the case of gold ones, these are handles of various shapes, and in the case of black and chrome ones – these come in various additional colors.
  • The 0,2 cm thick SLIM rain shower made of stainless steel, with a diameter of Ø 25 cm, will add an elegant touch to your bathroom.
  • The EasyCLEAN silicone rain shower nozzles prevent limescale build-up.
  • The installation components of the concealed fittings are hidden in a box. 
  • The 2-function bar in the concealed shower set both supports the hand shower and feeds water from the wall.
  • Each faucet comes standard with a reliable ceramic head, and washbasin faucets come with the silicone Cersanit Water Save Aerator


It seems that it is enough to be guided by fashionable design when choosing fittings. And in the case of the CREA collection – it really is enough! Choosing CREA faucets you can be sure that beneath the modern styling of the products there are functional systems that will pleasantly surprise every user.

  • The easy to clean, silicone, Cersanit Water Save Aerator, typical for the washbasin faucets.
  • The phenomenal CREA high, countertop washbasin faucet.
  • The freestanding bath faucets in two color options: matt black and chrome.
  • The easy to install and convenient to maintain concealed faucets with boxes, both for showers as well as washbasins.
  • The extremely slim, stylish and elegant SLIM stainless steel rain shower with a diameter of 25 cm and silicone Cersanit EasyCLEAN nozzles.


The CITY faucet collection is a proposal for those seeking fashionable design, who dream of a moment of peace after time spent in the hustle and bustle of the big city. See what makes the CITY collection so special:

  • The high-quality thermostatic faucet with the SafeTouch system which prevents the bathroom faucet body from heating up. 
  • The 2 mm thin SLIM stainless steel rain shower.
  • Water temperature lock at 38°C.
  • Cersanit Super Shine wear-resistant coating.
  • The Cersanit Water Save Aerator that limits water consumption to 6 l/min.
  • The flexible connecting hoses lined with the special EPDM coating. 



MODUO – mix and match as you wish with the guarantee of a perfect fit thanks to the unlimited possibilities of the rich collection of furniture, ceramics and fittings.

MODUO fittings collection is unique due to:

  • The timeless, scratch- and abrasion-resistant Cersanit Super Shine chrome.
  • Cersanit Water Save Aerator in the washbasin faucets.
  • A shower set with the extremely thin SLIM rain shower with EasyCLEAN silicon nozzles.

Three new hand shower functions in the shower set:

- FALL: the gentle plane of the flowing water stream brings the touch of a flowing waterfall to mind.
- RAIN: a continuous, regular stream of water that refreshes and rejuvenates in a standard, pleasant way.
- RAIN & FALL: a combination of rainy refreshment with the softness of a waterfall stream.