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Crea is a unique bathroom collection, which includes thin-rim wash basins, toilets, thin-wall bathtubs, as well as elegant, minimalist and refined furniture.


CREA – creative and comprehensive


Our multi-element bathroom collections are a recipe for a convenient-to-design bathroom. They guarantee cohesive style, with all the parts fitting together functionally. Designing a bathroom becomes a pleasure when you choose Crea, a modern bathroom collection by Cersanit.

The coherent design theme lends stylistic cohesion to this broad range, offering near-limitless design freedom. The impressive diversity allows you to design bathrooms for a wide range of needs, each with its own feel and colour palette. It encourages creativity with colours, textures and forms. You can create bespoke designs for large bathrooms or for more confined interiors. The only limit is your imagination!


Crea products are optically light and consistent in their use of thin lines: the wash basins have thin walls, the toilet seats are exceptionally flat, the bathtub rims are only 10 mm high, and the furniture sports straight, distinct lines. The minimalist form and sublime colour palette mean that, with Crea, it is easy to create a beautiful, timeless bathroom design based on three colours: white, grey and oak.

Light, thin-rimmed wash basins

Light, thin-rimmed wash basins

Thin-rimmed wash basins are a popular and novel feature in bathrooms. However, they would be impossible to create without Rocklite technology. It ensures our ceramic wash basin rims are both very delicate and extremely durable, while the enamel is perfectly smooth and evenly white in colour.

Crea allows you to choose from among countertop, semi-recessed and furniture wash basins. Both round and square countertop wash basins are available, as well as square furniture wash basins in several sizes, designed with wash basin cabinets in mind.


Modern toilets

Modern toilets

The Crea bathroom ceramics range is complemented by bidets, toilet bowls with concealed fixing systems, as well as modern, flat seats with an antibacterial coating. The collection designers opted for the most convenient solution – wall-hung bowls and bidets. Two different shapes are available: oval and rectangular, both beautiful in their minimalism. Each type of toilet bowl has no rim, and utilise the CleanOn technology. This results in more thorough flushing and decreased water usage.

Rectangular or asymmetrical bathtubs for tiling

Rectangular or asymmetrical bathtubs for tiling

The comfortable Crea bathrooms have been designed with ceramic tiles in mind. The basic version is a rectangular tub, available in four sizes. The asymmetrical tub offers additional design options, and is available in two, mirrored variants. All bathtubs from this collection have low rims – only 10 mm high.

Bathroom furniture: three colours

Bathroom furniture: three colours

CREA bathroom furniture exemplifies elegance and timeless, minimalist forms. The insides of our furniture have a delicate grey linen texture, while the exteriors have a choice of three different finishes. Glossy white, matt grey, or perhaps oak? Choose from three stylish finishes, or create your own composition. Crea bathroom cabinets are both durable and functional. They are made from Aquasafe boards, which feature increased resistance to moisture. The fronts and bodies of Crea bathroom furniture do not absorb water, do not swell due to moisture and are resistant to mould. Aquasafe offers significantly better properties than traditional boards used in bathroom furniture.


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