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ROCKLITE's delicate and durable products are a true expression of the Power of Beauty


ROCKLITE ceramic mass is a proprietary formula that makes it possible to do things that were previously thought impossible.

ROCKLITE ceramic mass is a mixture of raw materials, the key ingredient of which is one of the most scratch-resistant minerals - corundum. With a hardness of 9 on the 10-point Mosh scale, it is second only to diamond. This is why products made of ROCKLITE mass are extremely delicate and yet durable at the same time. It is a dream come true for every designer and lover of applied arts.

  • 5-6 mm ultra-thin rims
  • Increased degree of durability
  • Sophisticated and elegant design


Thanks to the durability of ROCKLITE ceramic mass, Cersanit is able to offer products whose resistance to mechanical damage is a class above that of traditional ceramic ware made of chamotte clay. From now on, if a bottle of perfume slips out of your hands, you will never have to worry about any damage to your washbasin.


Production ready for the challenges of future.

Ceramic ware, as a material of 100% natural origin, is clearly an environmentally friendly product. In addition, it does not discolour or distort, which is why ROCKLITE products are so valuable.

What makes ROCKLITE more environmentally friendly than other ceramic masses? It is the fact that less material is used to make the products and less energy is used to process them. By shortening the carbon footprint, we care about sustainable development and environmental protection. Minimalism, modularity and multifunctionality reign supreme here.

The reduction of dust during the production process and the absence of waste are also important factors. Nothing is wasted here - all raw material residues are reused in production.

All of this makes ROCKLITE a perfect fit with Cersanit's corporate social responsibility policy.


Great achievements sometimes take time, persistence and consistency.

The material used to make ROCKLITE washbasins must be both durable and ductile. By the time the final formula was created, we had completed countless tests until finally, in 2017, we knew we had it!

Numerous tests were conducted under laboratory conditions, e.g. we checked how the washbasin would respond to 'falling ball' impact resistance tests. Would the material splinter, would it develop cracks, would there be an impact? The ROCKLITE material performed superbly in these tests.

Today's ceramic mass makes it possible to create things that until recently were considered impossible. We do everything to provide designers with material that allows them to implement projects that may seem unreal at the moment.

Great achievements sometimes take time, persistence and consistency. This was the case with the modification of the ROCKLITE ceramic mass formula, as our team of technologists worked on it for three years!

Marta Mąka
Head of the Ceramics Department


We had to learn ROCKLITE technology step by step.

It all started with market observation. It is potential customers who set the directions for development. The most demanding ones are looking for non-obvious solutions, and ROCKLITE technology is the best answer to their expectations because it allows us to offer ceramics with the most sophisticated shapes currently available in the bathroom industry. 

When comparing ourselves to the competition around the world, we set specific requirements that we wanted the material to meet. This search was carried out in many different ways. For example, we collaborated with technical universities, where research into the chemical composition of the mass and its formula was carried out at the Material Engineering Faculties, while at the same time we conducted independent tests and trials in the factory.

The ROCKLITE mass is a new material for us, it is relatively expensive and requires different production parameters. That's why we had to learn ROCKLITE technology step by step - and we did just that.

Artur Antończak
New Product Development Manager


Production ready for the challenges of visionaries.

The manufacturing process for washbasins made from ROCKLITE ceramic starts with the moulding of the selected shapes in the moulding benches and the selection of the right processing times. The processing is done by hand, which allows you to prevent damage but also to fine-tune every detail with great care. In this way, the surface of the products is always perfectly smooth and fits the thin edges of the washbasin. Then the products are fired in a tunnel kiln at a temperature of 1,230 degrees Celsius. At each stage, the washbasins undergo thorough verification, thanks to which the finished ROCKLITE product is perfect in every respect.




Premium style for everyone.

The ROCKLITE ceramic mass, thanks to its durability and plasticity, allows the design of washbasins with ultra-thin walls and perfectly smooth surfaces. One gets the impression that this technology makes it possible to shape a product in a way that is almost against the laws of physics. For designers, it is also a great opportunity to implement projects that, until recently, the noble ceramic material could not cope with - says Maciej Studzieński, head of the Cersanit design team.

The popularity of ROCKLITEs washbasins is growing year by year, and the tens of thousands of units sold only confirm how much they are appreciated by consumers. Not just in Europe, but in every corner of the world. Our uncompromising quality offered at an affordable price makes designs available to a wider range of prospective customers.

LARGA countertop washbasin with ROCKLITE Technology


Mirosław Zapora and Maciej Studzieński, authors of the ROCKLITE product offer talk about the project

Mirosław Zapora

Senior Designer

What has ROCKLITE technology changed in the designer's work?

ROCKLITE ceramic mass makes it possible to design washbasins that until recently could only be designed using conglomerate. Now, thanks to this mass, we can achieve large flat surfaces and thin edges of delicate solids with very high durability also in ceramics. It is not only great progress for the industry but also valuable information for lovers of precious and ecological materials - and the ROCKLITE ceramic mass is definitely such a material.

How is a project created?

Good designers have a keen sense of future tastes and upcoming trends, and their experience helps to direct their thinking towards creating things that are classic, durable and timeless.

Are ROCKLITE washbasins already timeless?

I think so. Some products become classics on the day they become available. Of course, this is my subjective assessment, but in terms of proportions, classic shapes and how users have responded to the offered products the answer is: Yes!

Maciej Studzieński

Design Director

So the future belongs to ROCKLITE technology?

ROCKLITE is the future, this design will move into the mainstream and there will be more and more of such products. We have been offering washbasins from the above-mentioned collections made of ROCKLITE ceramic mass for three years and we know that they have been very well received. Therefore, we can now talk about the success of this technology and its further development.

Would you say that this is the face of the bathroom of the future?

Humans will live in increasingly smaller spaces, so it seems that this space will need to be optimised. It's comfortable, but in big cities it's becoming a luxury, so one of the designers' tasks will be to provide optimum conditions for comfortable living in a limited space. Modularity, multifunctionality.

What was the motivation behind the creation of ROCKLITE products?

Market changes. We listened to customers and tried to identify their needs. Based on our findings, a challenge emerged and we took it on. The whole team had an ambitious plan - to offer the customer products that were in line with the current trends, but at the same time offered qualities that surpassed those of the existing product range.