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Toilet and bathroom - combined or separate?

Toilet and bathroom - combined or separate?
Whether the toilet is built into the bathroom or has its own separate room depends as much on the housing conditions as it does on our preferences and habits. What are the pros and cons of both solutions?

The discussion of whether the toilet bowl should be placed ‘in’ or ‘out’ of the bathroom has been going on for years. This is because both solutions have almost an equal number of followers. Some value the intimacy offered by a separate toilet, and that it is more hygienic. Furthermore, they emphasise the ability to use both rooms at the same time, which is very important particularly for larger families. However, it is important that for the separate toilet to make sense, it has to be equipped with at least a small washbasin. Otherwise, a visit in the bathroom will be necessary anyway. On the other hand, followers of combining toilet and bathing functions into one room praise the convenience of such a solution. Particularly in the case of smaller apartments and houses, in which a separate toilet would have to be a very small room. Furthermore, combined bathrooms work well in houses with several floors.


Despite the fact that an end to the dispute is nowhere to be seen, recipes for a functional bathroom, in which the toilet will be present, but still separate - are numerous. In more spacious rooms, the toilet bowl can be separated from the bathing zone with a low, or light wall. Doors made of, for example, matte glass, will work well, too.

However, if you want to restrict the toilet zone to the minimum, you may prefer a concealed system. The AQUA Cersanit frame is only 11 cm deep, thus enabling you to optimally and efficiently utilise even the smallest space. A quiet filling valve is an extraordinary advantage of this system as well, as it makes using the toilet much more comfortable. In addition, the QUICK FIX wall-mounting bracket system will enable you to install the device quickly and efficiently, regardless of where you plan to mount it. The installation process will be a breeze, even in the case of uneven walls or room corners.


And what about the bathroom? In this case, it is worth paying attention to modular furniture. It will enable equipment of bathrooms combining both functions, as well as the two separate rooms to follow the same theme. The MODUO furniture collection offers a wide range of components, which greatly facilitates fitting cabinets to the requirements of the room and your expectations.


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