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The washbasin: daily care in an elegant and functional bathroom

The washbasin: daily care in an elegant and functional bathroom
There are many models of washbasins on the market, which assists in selecting the best washbasin to meet the needs of household members and matching the interior. And although it seems easy, the selection requires considering many factors that determine bathroom functionality and aesthetics, as well as comfort of use.

The washbasin is a basic element of bathroom equipment. For many it is the most important one, because we use it every day. Therefore it must be elegant and practical in equal measure. What does this mean? It is very important that it is high quality, has an impressive shape and its size matches the size of the bathroom. Furthermore, it must be technically consistent with the interior, but also adjusted to the lifestyle of household members.

Wall hung washbasin

The simplest form of washbasin for universal application. It is suitable wherever simple solutions are needed. It is convenient and practical, the perfect match for small bathrooms and toilets – wherever there is no room for under washbasin furniture. It can also be part of an impressive interior design. Combined with a decorative syphon, it becomes an important element of a bathroom in vintage or industrial style. A wall hung washbasin is fitted directly to the wall using screws.

Wall hung corner washbasin.

A version of the wall hung washbasin that is perfect for bathrooms with a very limited useful area that is difficult to arrange. Since this washbasin can be installed in a corner of the bathroom, the available space can be used optimally. This proposal also finds application in toilets.

Wall hung washbasin with pedestal or semi-pedestal.

A simple, yet elegant solution. Perfect for classical bathrooms. The washbasin is fitted directly to the wall using strong screws and the drainage system is covered by a suitable pedestal or semi-pedestal. This way, an aesthetic element of interior equipment is formed.

With or without a tap opening?

The washbasin is a complete element of interior equipment only with fittings. And here we can choose between a washbasin with or without a tap opening. In this case, the decision will depend not only on individual preferences or arrangement plans, but also the type of system in the bathroom. The tap can be installed directly on the washbasin surface, on the counter or in the wall.

Most washbasins have a tap installation opening. Opening diameters are standard, so they match any washbasin tap. Depending on the model, this opening can be in the centre or in the corners of the washbasin – in case of small washbasins for small bathrooms. Washbasins without openings, suitable for taps installed on the wall or counter surfaces, typical of modern interior designs, are available as well.

Large, small or maybe two?

For the washbasin to be convenient, it must be large and have a spacious bowl. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to install this kind of model, because the washbasin should be, above all, adjusted to the size of the bathroom. Washbasin sizes range from 35 up to 90 cm. All of them, even the small ones, are designed to ensure convenience of use even in a small bathroom.

The smallest washbasins are perfect for bathrooms with a very small useful area, where every centimetre is very important for maintaining comfort of movement in the room. 50-60 cm washbasins are standard models that match almost any type of interior. For really large bathrooms, however, it is best to buy a 80 or 90 cm washbasin that will be a very visible element of equipment, while ensuring comfort to the measure of a spacious interior. Also, in case of a large interior, you can consider installing two medium washbasins. This is a perfect solution in the case of more household members, because you can save time on waiting for the bathroom.

In terms of convenience of use, the method of installation is as important as the size of the washbasin. According to the principles of ergonomics, the washbasin should be installed at the height of 85 cm, measuring from the finished floor to its upper edge. The distance from side walls and other elements cannot be less than 20 cm. In turn, to ensure freedom of movement, at least 70 cm of free space should be left in front of the washbasin. If two washbasins are planned in one line, the distance between them should be at least 25 cm.

Stylish or functional?

Washbasins come in many shapes. Circular, oval, square and rectangular. With a slightly rounded or completely flat front. Their design can be fully classic or modern, but still original. However, this does not apply only to the external appearance. It also applies to features that determine the comfort of use, which should be necessarily considered in the selection of the right model.

Impressive design is increasingly accompanied by functionality. Washbasins are designed to be both an aesthetic and practical element of bathroom equipment.

When selecting a washbasin, you should look at the inside of the washbasin. It should be spacious and have a streamlined shape. This will ensure comfort of use, but also good water drainage, which facilitates cleaning and prevents the formation of stone deposits in bends.

Most washbasins have storage space on which you can place bathroom accessories. Even the smallest models have additional storage space for toiletries, which can be very practical in a small interior. The soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste are the accessories that must always be at hand to ensure the highest convenience of using the bathroom with limited shelves and cabinets.

Additional storage areas are not found in on counter and under counter washbasins, which do not need to have larger edges due to the method of installation. In this case the function of the storage area is usually delivered by a large counter.

Counter insert or under counter washbasin.

This solution is convenient and aesthetic in equal measure. Together with the counter, it forms one functional and decorative element of a stylish bathroom. The method of installation provides additional space around the washbasin, which increases the comfort of use. This washbasin version gives the interior a modern character.

On counter washbasin.

A model designed for fitting directly onto the bathroom counter. Perfect for interiors arranged in a modern style, in which it is the primary decorative. Usually it has a pronounced, geometric form.
The washbasin fitted on the counter combines elegance and functionality. It not only determines the aesthetic qualities of the bathroom, but also its practical use. By selecting such a solution, we gain a large, comfortable storage area for many accessories around the washbasin. Thus everything you need during daily care will always be at hand.

Furniture-based washbasin.

A type of washbasin suitable for placement on the cabinet. A properly contoured bottom ensures a perfect connection with the models of specific furniture series. A washbasin installed on a cabinet is a good solution for efficient management of bathroom space. The cabinet provides room for storing many necessary accessories, while constituting an aesthetic element covering the drainage system.

Made of ceramics or conglomerate?

While the selection of the washbasin type, size and method of installation of fittings must be based on room specifics, the material remains a matter of individual preference and, of course, price. Washbasins can be made of two equally aesthetic, but relatively different materials – ceramics and conglomerate.

A ceramic washbasin is the most classic of all on the market. Its undoubted advantages include resistance to mechanical damage (scratches) and chemical damage (chemicals), as well as scaling and corrosion. Its surface is easy to clean with available products, making it look beautiful for a very long time.

Puddingstone is a material made of natural stone with the addition of acrylic resins. It is relatively flexible, so washbasins made of it are distinguished by refined forms, characteristic of modern style. Their geometric form usually has pronounced lines and edges, while the surface has a flat or polished finish. They are pleasant and warm to the touch and resistant to scratching and soiling. However, to look beautiful, they require regular cleaning and maintenance using special products.

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