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The perfect bathroom - how do we fit everything in it?

The perfect bathroom - how do we fit everything in it?

Planning a clever layout for our bathroom is vital. A good bathroom should be both comfortable and equipped with all the necessary items, so that it may adequately serve the needs of the whole family. Here are some tips on how to arrange a fashionable and comfortable bathroom, which at the same time still has enough space for any and all cosmetics and accessories.

Furnishing a bathroom is a major challenge. The first important factor is the fact that we need to be aware of the size of the area that we are planning to arrange, especially since some spacing between the fittings and furniture must be retained. If we happen to own a “problematic” bathroom, for example, one with slanting walls or simply a very tiny one, then furnishing it may be a bit more complicated. Fortunately, there are still solutions that will help us arrange such an interior.

We should try to plan the layout in such a way, as to make the most of every centimetre of our bathroom. We can, for example, make use of the space above the bathtub or the toilet, as it is usually left empty. Another great idea is to utilise the space in a recess to mount shelves or lockers. However, this should only be done if this furniture is compact enough not to hinder our movement within the room. In addition, we ought to choose furniture that contains enough space to fit all the items that we need. Wall-hung open modules, capacious pillars and washbasin cabinets are always an excellent choice in this case. The wall-hung mirror cabinets from the MODUO collection, which act as both a mirror and a closet, are yet another good option. On the other hand, an example of a solution suitable for smaller spaces is the MODUO compact washbasin cabinet (40 cm).

How do we arrange the bathroom while also creating additional storage space? Baskets, wall-hung containers, shelves for cosmetics or organisers for odds and ends - there are many options to choose from. The latter can also be an elegant furnishing element. The SMART series is distinguished by the use of practical organisers, with cabinets and drawers that can be used to store products and other accessories. Other clever storage solutions (e.g. a pillar with a special slot for storing a floor mop) can help us save space and make the room itself more aesthetic at the same time.

With the help of these modern solutions, we can easily create a wonderful bathroom that is not simply spacious but also meets the expectations of the whole family.

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