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Safe bathroom - how to secure electrical sockets?

Safe bathroom - how to secure electrical sockets?

Water or moisture and electricity are not a good match. And yet, we have to use both of them in the bathroom. How can we keep them apart to feel safe? Here are some practical tips.

It is inconceivable to introduce a ban on the use of a washing machine, hair dryer or electric shaver in the bathroom. After all, we use not just one but many electrical devices there. Not to mention lighting… Naturally, every bathroom has to be equipped with power sockets and switches. Which should you choose to ensure safety for yourself and everyone living in your household (especially the children)?

Standards to meet

The first rule is to separate the wet and dry zones of the bathroom. The former, i.e. the walls, floor, and… the ceiling of the areas having direct contact with water - i.e. in the closest vicinity of the bathtub, shower cabin and also the washbasin - should have no sockets or switches. In this case, it is necessary to keep an appropriate distance - a minimum of 60 cm. It is also worth choosing splash-proof sockets with a protective cover.

The sockets should not be located near the floor. In bathrooms, the safe height value is much higher than in other rooms. Sockets can be installed at the height of 120 cm, light switches 140 cm, and light fittings even higher - min. 200 cm. It is also worth installing special, waterproof models, necessarily with an earthing pin. In addition, the entire electrical installation in the bathroom should be separately secured with a residual current device, which is designed to protect the household members against possible shock, and the installation against the effects of short circuits.

Not just electricity

When planning the bathroom equipment, keep in mind that it is not only electrical installations do not like contact with water. Furniture made of poorly impregnated wood or wood-based boards may be equally susceptible. They can be irreversibly damaged after the first prolonged contact with water. That is why it is really worth choosing cabinets made of appropriate materials.

A good example is CREA bathroom furniture. In addition to the elegant, minimalist form, as well as the surface finishing, resembling the structure of linen, available in three colour shades, they are characterised by guaranteed durability. They are made from Aquasafe boards, which sport increased resistance to moisture. Their fronts and bodies do not absorb water or swell under the influence of moisture. Mould will not destroy them either. Aquasafe offers significantly better properties than the traditional boards used in bathroom furniture.

What is more, if you want to take care of the comfort of using bathroom equipment, it is also worth paying attention to ceramics and fittings which are easier to keep clean than the standard solutions. The rounded outer shapes and the specially profiled interiors of the MODUO collection of toilet bowls (created with CleanOn technology) considerably simplify cleaning and washing. The scale naturally found in water will not accumulate on ceramics made with this technology. This eliminates the need for using strong cleaning products, provides more convenience, and is more friendly to your health.

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