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Modern bathroom furnished with a countertop - things to remember.

Modern bathroom furnished with a countertop - things to remember.

When designing your dream bathroom, remember that the proper placement of the furniture and ceramics can completely change your interior. It will help hide its shortcomings and highlight the unique character. Using the multi-element MODUO collection, you can create a bathroom perfectly suited to your needs in a few simple steps.



Bathroom decoration can be a pleasure if you decide to make use of the readily available multi-element collections of modular furniture and ceramics. A wide range of products and the freedom to combine them allows for the creation of an almost unlimited number of unique, stylistically coherent arrangements. Exactly what you want - in four steps.

Step 1 - countertop

It is worth starting designing a functional bathroom set by choosing the countertop that will become the basis for the whole arrangement. MODUO collection bathroom furniture is distinguished by its neutral colour scheme, which, combined with a geometric countertop washbasin, will give your bathroom a modern and elegant style. The countertop should be a bit wider than the selected ceramic piece to have some extra space for bathroom accessories. If you have a large bathroom, you can also opt for a longer countertop, under which additional furniture modules or a washing machine can be accommodated.

Step 2 - washbasin/under-counter cabinet

A matching washbasin/under-counter cabinet will perfectly complement the countertop. It will work great in small bathrooms - optically enlarge them and make it easier to maintain cleanliness. If you want to keep cosmetics and other small items out of sight, choose a cabinet from the MODUO collection equipped with two capacious drawers. In turn, the open module, attached to the cabinet, is ideally suited if you want to display selected accessories or decorations that emphasise the character of your interior. The MODUO collection includes open modules in two different sizes (20 and 40 cm), which can be easily adapted to any space.

Step 3 - washbasin

Simple geometrical forms and minimalist design are the features that are making countertop washbasins more and more popular.

Combined with a functional countertop, they will perfectly fit in modern loft-like interiors as well as elegant arrangements in classic style. Round, oval, square or rectangular? The MODUO collection offers a lot of possibilities…

Step 4 - hanging cabinets and posts

Spacious posts, practical mirror cabinets, open modules or hanging cabinets will perfectly complement the whole arrangement. They also provide additional storage space that is so important in every bathroom. The MODUO collection offers furniture in various sizes, thanks to which it can be adjusted to any bathroom. It works great in tight interiors, and combined with hanging cabinets and open modules, it will create an optically light composition with an original appearance. MODUO collection bathroom furniture can be freely combined not only horizontally, but also vertically. So if you want to create a more innovative arrangement, you can combine hanging cabinets available in two sizes (40 and 60 cm). By suspending them one under the other, with the milling directed towards each other, you get an original, functional piece of furniture that suits a modern interior.

Additionally, choose...

Functional MODUO toilet

Functional toilet​

The MODUO collection offers high quality toilet products with universal, oval shapes. They consist of wall hung bowls, standing bowls, WC compacts, toilet seats and bidet.

The use of new technologies has made the elements not only aesthetic but also functional. The rounded outer shapes and the specially profiled interiors of the bowls in CleanOn technology significantly help to keep the toilet clean. This eliminates the need for strong cleaning agents. What's more, the semi-back-to-wall solution, thanks to which the compact flat adheres to the wall, limits the number of hard to reach nooks and crannies. Moreover, the semi back-to-wall or full-back-to-wall solution (in the case of standing bowls), thanks to which the toilet lies flat against the wall, reduces hard-to-reach places. And hence, it facilitates cleaning the toilet.

Strefa prysznica z MODUO

MOduo Shower Zone

MODUO is a collection with simply unlimited possibilities. Thanks to the expanded range of shower enclosures, matching the perfect bathroom is no longer a problem! Regardless of whether you are arranging a larger space, or a tiny bathroom, MODUO collection will offer you the perfect solution adapted to your needs.

The MODUO series features quadrant, square and rectangular shower enclosures, as well as shower doors. The large selection allows you to combine a set that will suit every bathroom. Doors and walls may be assembled separately. The enclosure is equipped with a wall U-channel without visible screws or caps that allows it to be adjusted to accommodate wall curvature. Taller users will enjoy the height of the enclosure reaching 195 cm.



The hydrophobic CleanPro coating prevents the build-up of scale and other deposits and makes it easier to keep things clean in MODUO shower enclosures.


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