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How to choose the perfect bathroom furniture?

How to choose the perfect bathroom furniture?

Bathroom furniture is not just something we purchase to organise our interior and hide our cosmetics and beauty accessories. It is also an excellent way of adding cosiness to the interior as well as highlighting its design or even enlarging it visually. It all depends on the results that we want to achieve. For example, we may opt for a classy and romantic bath salon or perhaps a modern and stylish bathroom, that will allow us to save time, and where all the necessary items will always be at hand.


Firstly – the most important aspect is the functionality

Due to the conditions within a typical bathroom, that is, high humidity and frequent temperature fluctuations, the most important thing that we should pay attention to is the quality of the furniture. It must be resistant to moisture, but it also should be made of materials of increased density so as to reduce its water absorption. Such furniture will not delaminate or swell in a hot and humid room. It is worth checking whether our furniture of choice was made with the use of modern technologies, e.g. Aquasafe, which uses a specially modified glue with antifungal agent to reinforce the fibre structure of the CREA collection bathroom furniture. The use of this technology makes the furniture is resistant to mildew.

Secondly – perfectly matched furniture

Capacious furniture of the right size will make using our bathroom convenient and pleasant. We need to carefully measure our interior to decide on where to place the pillars, countertops, wall-hung cabinets or ceramics before purchasing them. Another factor that we must take into account is leaving a sufficient amount of space between particular elements to ensure the comfort of use. This is especially important in the case of small bathrooms. We ought to try to use every free centimetre of the room, but we need to be careful not to clutter the interior too much. It is a good idea to choose wall-hung furniture, as it creates the impression that the room is more spacious. Even if the dimensions of our bathroom happen to be rather unusual or the room is difficult to furnish properly, it is not always necessary for us to opt for expensive, custom-made furniture. Currently, there are modular furniture collections available on the market and they come in various, even very compact sizes. This makes it simple to furnish even the most problematic bathrooms. Do not hesitate to experiment - remember that modular furniture can be freely combined, both horizontally and vertically, so that we can create original, yet still harmonious-looking compositions. For example, we can install two cabinets, one under the other, to create an elegant and functional pillar.

Thirdly – our ideal style

Purchasing bathroom furniture is an investment for many years to come. As such, we should carefully consider what kind of style we prefer. Furniture with simple forms, devoid of decorative handles and ornaments is most suitable for minimalistic interiors. The colours should be universal, for example, white or grey. On the other hand, more intensive colour accents are a great choice for bathrooms designed for families with children. They can also be used as fashionable accessories. An interior that appears to be too austere can be improved with furniture in the shades of wood, e.g. with a countertop or an oak-coloured cabinet. It is an excellent choice if our bathroom was designed to have a monochrome total look. Glossy furniture is best suited for modern-styled bathrooms or those designed in a glamour style. Matte colours, on the other hand, will be a wonderful complement to any classic interior. It all depends solely on what particular style we prefer.

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