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Five clever tricks to visually enlarge a small bathroom

Five clever tricks to visually enlarge a small bathroom

Choose bright colours

It is a well-known fact, that a proper colour palette can completely transform an interior. Bright and cool colours are the best options in this case. Such colours will cause the surfaces of the walls and the floors to “move away” from each other and cause the room to appear more spacious. White, grey, blue, powder pink or pale green – all of these colours will be suitable for a small bathroom. When combined with appropriate furniture and similarly-coloured accessories, the overall design will create a beautiful monochromatic interior. If our bathroom is not only small but also asymmetrical and excessively long, we can restore the adequate proportions by using tiles with slightly darker colours on the shorter walls.

Remember – shiny surfaces enlarge the room

Any and all reflective surfaces are the most useful elements when arranging a small bathroom. Elements like glossy tiles, mirrors, chrome fittings, varnished furniture and glass will all make the bathroom appear larger than it actually is. If we prefer something other than shiny decorations, small light-scattering elements, such as glistering mosaics are also a great solution. A small interior should be well-lit, so it is a good idea to ensure that the room has adequate lighting. We may, for example, install several light sources with a cool, white colour of light instead of just one light fixture.

Choose furniture perfectly suited for a small bathroom

Appropriate furniture can make even a tiny bathroom appear more spacious. Furniture in shades of white or grey and with milled handles, like the furniture from the CREA or MODUO collections, is the best bet in this case. Minimalist forms, devoid of any unnecessary decorative elements, will make the interior appear modern and elegant. In addition, we can achieve a similar effect if we install wall-hung pillars and cabinets, as we can make the whole bathroom look bigger simply by leaving the floor uncovered. The furniture itself should also be as roomy as possible. Hiding cosmetics and accessories will make our bathroom appear tidy and ordered and therefore it will be perceived as more spacious than it really is.

Do not hesitate to use larger tiles

According to a popular myth, only small tiles can be used in small interiors. On the contrary! If properly arranged, large tiles without decorative elements will allow us to form a uniform surface that in turn will make our bathroom optically larger by a few extra centimetres. In this case, rectified tiles, like those from the BIANCA collection will work best. They can be installed on the walls as well as the floor and they do not require joints. If we wish to optically widen the bathroom, we can arrange the tiles horizontally. On the other hand, if we want to make it seem taller, the opposite solution can be used. Tiles with a distinct texture are also a great choice for small interiors, as they can serve as subtle decorations within the minimalist design.

Big fittings in a mini-bathroom

Large tiles are not the only things that can be installed in a small bathroom. Ceramics of a reasonable size can fit into such a room as well. Instead of fitting several smaller devices into our bathroom, it is better to choose a single big one that is going to be multifunctional. A bath with a shower is a great choice in this case and thanks to the quick-to-install over-bath shower screen it can be ready to use in just a few moments. We can also opt to replace the standard type of mirror with a mirror cabinet, whereas the usual countertop washbasin can be replaced with a washbasin combined with a cabinet.

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