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Bidets: are they worth it?

Bidets: are they worth it?

Bidets are no longer considered out of date, or an extravagance in the home, but instead are becoming increasingly popular. A bidet should be chosen to match the toilet, and is a practical choice that saves time and money. Read on to see whether a bidet is for you, and what matters most when choosing one.

When arranging your bathroom, first consider the sanitaryware and furniture you need. Think carefully about the size of your bathroom and what everyone needs from it every day. Is there enough free space to accommodate a bidet, as they are very convenient? With the wide selection available from sanitaryware suppliers, you can find a model that suits your needs and space.


What is a bidet?

A bidet is a very convenient alternative to toilet paper, but it also offers more. Bidets are great in bathrooms used by children, older people or even pet owners. Bidets are in high demand during the summer, when hot days make it difficult to stay clean and hygienic. They are particularly useful for anyone with some kind of physical disability or limitation, especially when it comes to hygiene after using the toilet. It is much easier for small children to wash their hands in a bidet rather than use a basin, which is usually installed at an ‘adult’ height. Other uses of bidets include easy cooling of the feet when you come home at the end of a hot day, and it is useful for washing small pets. How do bidets help save time and money? There are plenty of occasions when washing yourself up in a bidet is a sufficient alternative to a bath or shower. This conserves water and helps save the environment.

Is a bidet a good choice for every bathroom?

Contrary to the common opinion, bidets work well in large and small bathrooms alike. They are a similar size to a standard toilet bowl, so one can usually be installed in small bathrooms. A typical bidet is about 40 cm wide and 60 cm deep. The minimum clearance required around a bidet is 20 cm on each side and 70 cm above. Note that bidets are just like any other bathroom fitting: they come in different shapes and models, so it is easy to choose one to suit your bathroom theme. It is usually a good idea to install the bidet next to the toilet. This improves the overall functionality of the bathroom.

How to install a bidet?

The best way to install a bidet depends on the bidet itself. If you have a pedestal bidet, installation is very easy; drop in the bolts through the prepared mounting holes in the floor tiles and their substrate. Some bidets feature flush, or concealed, installation. These are easier to keep clean and to maintain. Wall-mounted bidets are suspended on specially designed frames, embedded behind dry walls, or mounted onto standard walls. Available in a great variety of sizes, some have bidet bowl height adjustment to fine-tune their functionality to the specific needs of everyone at home.

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