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Arrangement advice

Arrangement advice
One of the elements to be considered when choosing tiles are their technical properties. However, it is the appearance that customers first pay attention to, i.e. colour, pattern, texture and format. Therefore, the practical application of tiles is the aspect that you should take into account in your purchasing decision, i.e. the possibility of optical enlargement of the space as well as the nature and style of the room.

Practical application

KEEPING CLEAN – floors covered with smooth tiles are the easiest to keep clean, especially in places with heavy traffic. However, it should be borne in mind that in the vicinity of a washbasin, bathtub and kitchen sink, tiles with matt or satin finish will be easier to clean.

Optical space enlargement

BRIGHT COLOURS – thanks to these, each bathroom gains depth and appears larger. The room can be additionally lit up by the use of glass decorations. It is worth adding a drop of colour to neutral hues. Optical enlargement of the interior can also be obtained by using coloured glass strips.

Colections rich with colour

COLECTIONS RICH WITH COLOUR – the proportions of colours used in a particular room depend on its size. Do not be afraid of overwhelming a large space with too dark or too vivid colour, because colours add character and originality to a room. It is different in small spaces. Although you can also use various colours in small spaces, the intense colour must be used in a way that does not make it dominant. Thanks to this, it will enliven the space without optically reducing it.


INTENSE BRONZE, BLACK AND GREY – there is no colour that should be avoided when arranging space. Using dark colours, you can create cosy and modern living rooms, bathrooms, lobbies and terraces, you just need to remember about the additions that will balance them. Lighting is important in this type of room, and, in the case of the bathroom, such elements as large mirrors are crucial.

GEOMETRY OR FLOWERS IN THE BATHROOM – the choice of tile ornamentation depends on the character of the bathroom. From the point of view of the optical perception of space, it is not the size of the motif that is important, but its pattern. To create a sense of depth in a room, it is worth using tiles with geometric patterns, preferably arranged in a certain rhythm. However, a flower design is one of the most thankful motifs for wall decoration. They are effective, and they also create a cosy and friendly atmosphere in the interior.

FORMATS – currently both large and small formats can be used in all types of rooms. Formats, e.g. 60 x 60 cm, will work in a small bathroom and also in the living room. Their advantage is the smaller amount of joints, and thus the ease of keeping the surface clean.

LOCATION – is important mainly in the case of small bathrooms. To maximize the room, arrange the tiles horizontally. This results in optical extension of the wall.

Character and style of place

We distinguish two main styles of rooms: classic and modern. They are the basis for creating new trends in the creation of space, such as ecological style, glamour or romantic style.

CLASSIC STYLE – a proven recipe for beauty. It's a traditional interior and in a good style. Carefully selected timeless ceramic tile patterns used in such rooms remain attractive despite the passage of time. The words defining the classic style are: symmetry and balance, harmony, moderation, dignity.

MODERN STYLE – in the context of ceramic tiles means a skilful reflection of trends flowing from the world of fashion. Collections that can be combined to form unique patterns allow for the creation of highly personalised interiors. Words defining the modern style are: minimalism, simplicity, non-standard combination of forms and atypical materials.

Ceramic tiles are no longer just a means of wall or floor covering, the main feature of which is utility, they have also acquired ornamental function. This is particularly evident in open kitchens visible from other parts of the house, mainly from the living room. The kitchen combined with the living room is a place where not only the household members but also guests meet, so it becomes the pride of the house as well as the living room.

Fittings in three versions

Cersanit bathroom fittings are divided into three segments, differing in terms of the features that distinguish each collection of faucets from one another. The BASIC segment is a synonym of simplicity and reliability, and it includes collections: AMET, CARI, SIMI. They include washbasin, bathtub-shower and shower taps. All are equipped with the Cersanit Air aerator and a reliable ceramic cartridge. The collections AVEDO, CROMO, ELIO, LUMI, MILLE, MILLE BLACK, MILLE WHITE, VERO make up the SOLUTION segment. The washbasin, bathtub-shower and shower taps of this segment are equipped with practical water-saving solutions. They are fitted with the Cersanit Water Save aerator and a reliable ceramic cartridge. The DESIGN segment includes the collections: LUVIO, MAYO, VIGO. The washbasin, bathtub-shower, shower and bidet faucets stand out thanks to their attractive design. They are fitted with eco solutions such as the Cersanit Water Save aerator, Cersanit Thermo-Block mechanism and a two-stage ceramic cartridge. The DESIGN segment taps are also available with a metal click-clack plug that improves aesthetics and comfort in the bathroom. Thanks to this, you do not have to worry about the switch behind the tap or the plug lying separately on the plumbing fixtures or ceramic tiles.

How important is the surface of the faucet?

In the case of good bathroom fittings, the quality of the materials is as important as the technology. The durability, aesthetic appearance and the ease of cleaning depend on it. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the durability of the materials and the method of protecting the surface from damage, scratches, as well as deposits and scale.

The Cersanit taps of all series use high-class Super Shine chrome plating, which not only guarantees good quality of bathroom fittings surface, but also provide it with an elegant gloss. Thanks to this, its surface is resistant to scratches and abrasion, which guarantees aesthetic and trouble-free use for a long time.

Caution! Taps need regular cleaning to remain aesthetic and functional. It is best to use mild substances such as dish washing liquid and a soft cloth that does not scratch the surface. You can also make a delicate liquid yourself - it's very ecological. Do not use strong chemicals that contain chlorine, acids or solvents. After washing the faucet, rinse it with water and wipe it dry. It can also be gently polished with a soft cloth, thanks to which it will shine beautifully.

It is also important to clean the tap aerator, at least once a month. Just unscrew it, rinse its strainer and then screw it into place.

When choosing a tap, it is also worth considering the choice of an appropriate shower set. The comfort of using the shower will depend on the type of shower head. Therefore, pay attention to the number of the available shower functions. The more there are, the better.

The shower heads of the Cersanit shower sets have up to several functions. They include:

Rain – a standard, continuous water stream to refresh your body.

Massage – a powerful, uniform water stream to enhance blood circulation.

Rain&Massage – a combination of a regular water stream and energising massage.

Bubble – relaxing air bubbles similar to a jacuzzi bath.

Rain&Bubble – a combination of a regular water stream and relaxing air bubbles.

Mist – refreshing breeze-like water mist.

Some of the heads are also equipped with an Eco shower option. This is an ecological version of a regular water stream limiting water consumption by as much as 50%. The pause function provides an ecological and also practical solution, which allows for the stopping the flow of water without having to reach for the tap. We have also equipped the shower heads with the Turbo Air system, which increases the flow and reduces water consumption through water stream aeration.

Remember, however, that functionality is not just a series of options that translates into the comfort of using the shower. It also depends on easy and quick cleaning, which in the case of Cersanit shower heads is ensured by the Easy Clean solution. Thanks to the silicone finish, you can easily remove soap or lime deposits from the surface, even without using chemicals.

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