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A bathroom designed by you — how to express your individual style?

A bathroom designed by you — how to express your individual style?

individual style bathroom

The best bathroom is the one that is tailored to the needs of its user — both functional and aesthetic. But how to create an interior that that would be a perfect match for us? What do we have to focus on and what do we have to choose?

Everyone wants to live in beautiful interiors. Tasteful, trendy or timelessly elegant, yet often also... original and unconventional. How to deal with these challenges and create an arrangement that combines all of these features? The key to this is... listening to yourself and your needs. After all, it is not without reasons that they said that “East or West, home is best”. At home, where everything is a reflection of ourselves, it is in line with our tastes, and looks as we want it to look.

This principle also, or perhaps primarily, applies to bathrooms and bathing salons. We want to feel free and safe inside these rooms, since they are the most private and intimate. When choosing the interior design elements we should focus on our expectations and tastes. The first step is to choose wall and floor tiles. Let us consider which colors suit us the most, whether we want to focus on wood, concrete, metal or glass...

Bathroom in line with trends and user tastes

divena and oxfordwood

If we want the bathroom to be universal and timeless, we will decide on an unobtrusive design — such as gray, concrete-inspired tiles from the DIVENA collection or OXFORD floor tiles imitating walnut floorboards. This duo will create an atmosphere of serenity and harmony in which we will feel good. What is important, using such timeless collections allows us to freely change the character of the interior using accessories, and almost all accessories and ornaments will fit and will look good here.


Another good idea for those wanting to relax in an interior inspired by lofts, and at the same time create an original and unique interior, is the PATCHWORK collection. It alludes to the trendy techniques of combining different patterns and colors. The DERN collection, on the other hand, allows us to create an industrial atmosphere in the bathroom interior. Tiles that bring rusty metal to mind or grey-brown tiles will add a modern touch to the interior.

Functional bathroom — how to achieve it?

Apart from aesthetics, when planning our own bathroom interior, let us not forget about its functionality. Let us consider whether we need one or two washbasins, whether the toilet bowl is to be wall-hung or floor-mount, whether we dream of a bathtub or shower stall, or maybe we want both... The availability of modular collections is a huge help in planning and designing ergonomic and comfortable bathroom interiors. These collections offer individual equipment in many variants and sizes, which makes it possible to adapt them to the surface and layout of our interior. For example, in the MODUO collection, we can choose the components of furniture: countertops and bodies separately, which are available in many sizes and options. In addition, the collection includes a range of various toilet bowls and washbasins — including really small ones that fit into micro bathrooms. 

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