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Collection stormy
Collection stormy
Collection stormy

Concrete is currently one of the most fashionable materials used in interior design. It looks great both in loft, industrial rooms, but also in a cozy space, broken by warm additions. Ideally suited to the bathroom, living room, but also public space, like a restaurant or office. In combination with additions such as wood and metal, it will give the space a unique character.

The use of concrete stoneware tiles in classic gray and white colors means that the STORMY collection gives unlimited arrangement possibilities and total freedom in choosing accessories. When designing the gres porcelain tiles, it was decided to use a bit of avant-garde - the hitherto raw material which is concrete was soften with carpet decoration, giving this collection an extraordinary character. The collection is also distinguished by an unusual accent on the detail - the base tile with visible stains and decoration were emphasized by the use of glossy ink.