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Easy range with CleanPro technology for an effortlessly clean bathroom

CleanPro Technology

Practical Easy Cersanit bathroom series

The Cersanit Easy bathroom series is a proposal for everyone that wantsa clean space for many days. After implementing our innovative CleanPro technology, caring for your bathroom will be sheer pleasure. Even a spacious room can be cleaned in no time and without using special cleaning products typically required to remove stubborn, continuously returning soap and scale deposits. Why? Because the special silicon coating reduces their formation.

With the Easy series, you can clean your bathroom quickly, easily and without unnecessary effort, and it will shine with perfect cleanliness for a long time. You can spend the time saved cleaning on relaxation.

Contamination-preventing CleanPro technology

Our innovative CleanPro technology ensures crystal cleanliness lasting for many days. This solution is based on the properties of a ceramic silicon coating, using the unique features of fluoropolymers. It prevents water droplets from remaining on the surface, causing them to merge into larger drops and run off quickly, while collecting contaminants. This prevents the formation of unsightly run-off marks, streaks and stains, while the surface remains clean for a long time.

The CleanPro technology efficiently prevents the collection of deposits and reduces scaling. Therefore, we used an invisible and easy to clean coating in our ceramics and bathtub screens, whose surfaces will be the most exposed to the contamination caused by the forming water drops.

2 in 1, or bathtub screens

One of the common dilemmas of bathroom interior design is the choice ofa bathtub or the shower. Meanwhile, it is possible to combine the comfort of a relaxing bath with a refreshing, quick shower, while saving space in the bathroom.

Bathtub screens are a functional solution, with which you can have both a bathtub and a shower, even in a small bathroom, without having to designate separate space for each of these options. You no longer have to choose!

Cersanit Easy bathtub screens are made of high quality materials. They are available in both single or double leaf versions and, if needed, the rotating leaf of the screen can be folded and unfolded. Bathtub screens are perfect for providing a shower function, while allowing for free bathing. They have a perfectly tight wall mounting strip and a seal on the screen joint, which prevents water from getting out and splashing on the floor. The screen surface has a CleanPro coating on both sides, which makes it easy to maintain cleanliness.

Comfortable and functional WC

In the Easy series, we also implemented solutions designed to improve the quality of use. The toilet seats with a comfortable design and innovative structure deserve particular attention. They have wide lateral surfaces and streamlined, smooth inside edges, making them comfortable. The practical, slow-falling lid system eliminates the risk of injury and makes the toilet completely safe for children.

With a quick and easy release function (One Button Easy-Off), the toilet seats are convenient to clean, which is a significant help in maintaining hygiene in the toilet. One click is enough to unlock the button and take the toilet seat off for cleaning. It is also easy to reconnect after cleaning.

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