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SimpleOn technology

SimpleOn Technology

CERSANIA SimpleOn WC compacts

Through the constant development of new technologies, the Cersanit brand is steadily improving its products, making them easier to use. The SimpleOn system used in the CERSANIA WC collection was created with functionality and practicality in mind.

It reduces the rim so that it only appears at the back of the bowl, virtually eliminating those hard-to-reach places.
This makes it possible to clean the toilet more thoroughly, helping you to maintain better hygiene in your bathroom.

It's worth knowing that

The SimpleOn system features a reduced size toilet bowl rim, with edges shaped to allow the water to fully clean the bowl, without leaving any grime behind. The water flows in two streams from under the ‘tongue’, travelling around the bowl on each side, to meet at the front to ensure full cleansing, every time. Compared to typical rim toilets, this allows you to raise your bathroom hygiene to a new level by effectively removing the scale, bacteria, sediments and other grime that usually accumulate under the rim. As such, a bathroom with the SimpleOn compact toilet saves you money by reducing the amount of expensive chemical cleaning agent you need. The WC compact uses a 3/6 l flushing system. It is available in a version with a horizontal water outflow and for connection to a water supply located to the side of the water cistern.

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The advantages of the SimpleOn WC compacts with reduced rims include:

• better cleaning of the toilet bowl interior
• easier and improved toilet hygiene
• reduced cleaning time
• less cleaning detergent needed

Choosing a Cersania SimpleOn compact guarantees:

• an economical and affordable solution
• quick replacement of an old WC compact with a modern one, without a complete renovation

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