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Bathroom fittings

Cersanit Water Save saves water and energy We know how important it is to save energy. We also understand the need to protect the environment. Following the philosophy of sustainable growth, we introduce solutions that are both economical and ecological, while ensuring high comfort of use. In bathroom fittings, we use a unique water saving system – the Cersanit Water Save technology.

Complete sets of bathroom fittings

Cersanit bathroom fittings consist of complete, ready-to-assemble sets, divided into three ranges that vary in characteristic features and performance. Cersanit DESIGN includes three series of taps, distinguished by perfect design, as well as ecological and economical solutions. Cersanit SOLUTION includes as many as 8 series, consisting of practical taps that enable real water savings, thus lowering costs. Cersanit BASIC includes 3 series of simple and reliable taps. By default, each tap of each set comes with plugs, including a “click-clack” version with a “push” mechanism.

The bathroom fittings of each series are equipped with innovative solutions, such as the Cersanit Water Save aerator, which limits water outflow, a water-saving head, a power-saving stream temperature adjustment mechanism and an economy function in shower sets.

Cersanit Water Save aerator

The aerator is a fixed tap component, installed at the end of the spout, which significantly reduces water consumption by increasing the water stream through aeration. The Cersanit Water Save aerator is specially designed to aerate water even more. It limits the outflow to 6 litres per minute, which reduces water consumption by up to 50%. Installation of the Cersanit Water Save aerator translates to savings and ensures a desirable comfort of use.

The Cersanit Water Save aerator is installed on all washbasin taps of the Cersanit SOLUTION range (MILLE BLACK, MILLE WHITE, CROMO, ELIO, MILLE, AVEDO, LUMI and VERO series) and washbasin and bidet taps of the Cersanit DESIGN range (MAYO, LUVIO and VIGO series).

Cersanit Thermo-Block mechanism

The practical Cersanit Thermo-Block mechanism is a simple and remarkably efficient method of adjustment, which enables comfortable setting of water temperature according to individual needs and preferences. The implementation of a comfortable ring on the head enables changing the cold to hot water ratio, thus limiting the maximum temperature of the outflow stream. Its optimum adjustment translates to comfort and safety of use, but also to high energy efficiency. With the highest quality of manufacture and the best materials the mechanism is durable and efficient in operation.

Mechanizm Cersanit Thermo-Block zastosowaliśmy we wszystkich bateriach z linii Cersanit DESIGN (MAYO, LUVIO and VIGO series).

Eco solutions to match your expectations

Cersanit bathroom fittings enable saving water and energy, resulting in a real reduction of household bills. Furthermore, all taps of each series have a durable external coating. A double chrome-plated surface with Cersanit Super Shine technology ensures resistance to scratching and abrasion.

All Cersanit taps are covered by a multi-year warranty - a 10-year warranty for the Cersanit DESIGN range and a 7-year warranty to the Cersanit SOLUTION and Cersanit BASIC ranges.

Cersanit Water Save head

Cersanit Water Save tap heads ensure reliability, tightness and silent tap operation. Two-step adjustment makes setting the optimum water stream comfortable. The two-step mechanism in use guarantees full control of the flow according to individual needs. When the tap handle is set to position 1, it consumes up to 50% less water and energy than in handle position 2, which fully opens the water stream.

The Cersanit Water Save head significantly reduces water consumption, which translates to tangible financial and ecological gains. It is available in all taps of the Cersanit DESIGN range (MAYO, LUVIO and VIGO series).

ECO 50% function

A shower should be relaxing. Thus, shower heads are equipped with functions that facilitate stream adjustment according to your needs: Massage, Rain, Bubble, Rain&Massage, Rain&Bubble and Mist.

Some shower head models - MODI, VIBE and SENTI, - are equipped with an economical eco function, which enables limiting the stream and thus reducing the water consumption by half. A practical solution that prevents unnecessary losses is the Pause option implemented in the SENTI shower head, which enables turning off the stream with no need to reach for the tap.

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