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Cersanit shower trays are offered in various shapes as well as in many sizes. This allows you to design a comfortable and functional bathroom. By matching the right shower tray and shower enclosure to our bathroom interior, we can create a comfortable shower zone where the daily shower will become a special moment.
TAKO and TAKO SLIM shower trays are made of high quality acrylic, which ensures durability and smoothness of the surface. Cersanit shower trays are equipped with a universal pipe drain Ø 90, which in the case of the TAKO SLIM collection has been covered with a convenient magnetic plug. Thanks to this, the end cap aesthetically faces the surface of the shower tray creating a uniform, smooth surface.
Cersanit shower trays are designed for halfround, square, rectangular as well as walk-in showers.
By choosing the appropriate TAKO or TAKO SLIM model, we can adjust the shower tray to both the new bathroom and the renovated one.