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World of large format

World of large format 1

The CERSANIT brand, breaking down the barriers of design, invites you to a world of different textures, patterns and styles in large tile formats. While creating them, we were inspired by the vibrant life of the city and the beauty of the surrounding nature. This combination has resulted in collections that make it possible to create an unconventional space in the bathroom, in which raw concrete perfectly matches the naturalness of stone and the glittering beauty of rusting metal. The architecture of the collection allows you to combine tiles regardless of the series, which gives almost unlimited opportunities for bold and customized arrangements to all those who want to bring the latest global trends to their homes. CERSANIT gives you comprehensive solutions to create a finished, fully functional bathroom in your home.

DIVENA collection

Concrete, with its raw elegance and timeless style, can be successfully used in any interior, regardless of its cubic area. The unique DIVENA tile collection shows a completely new, slightly romantic face of this raw material. The matt texture of the tiles enriched with small light-reflecting details and ascetic cement graphics have been adorned with a subtle oriental pattern. Thanks to these innovations, the tiles blend in perfectly with the various styles of interior design and provide the perfect basis for creating a stylish, functional and comfortable bathroom for the whole family.

DERN collection

Gloss and metal accents are a perfect match for modern bathroom spaces, giving them an industrial style. Rusting metal – the first thing that comes to mind when we come into contact with the unobvious and highly original DERN collection. The unusual style of lappato tiles, inspired by post-industrial lofts, will effectively enrich interiors using concrete and classic ceramics, adding a stylish touch and elegance to them. And all this while maintaining the comfort and functionality of the rooms.

HIKA collection

Modern bathrooms are often an attractive mix of various styles, materials and textures. This trend is a perfect match for terrazzo in its modern version.

The unique collection of HIKA ceramic tiles are made of gres with the look of a bright terrazzo stone, which works well both in small, minimalist interiors and in large, colourful spaces. And in the mix colors version it can be easily combined with many fashionable colours (navy blue, green), as well as accessories utilizing the motif of concrete, wood or metal. This creates great arrangement possibilities, naturally in keeping with the latest trends in global design.

MARATONA collection

Minimalist interiors, the only decoration of which is a matching combination of colours, materials and textures, befit modern life perfectly.

The bold MARATONA collection, which combines lappato stone with matte textile graphics, finished with glossy paste, is a great match for this frugal, yet original style. This unobvious combination allows you to create a subtle, yet expressive background for simple, yet decisive elements in the form of bathroom furnishings.

REST collection

The bathroom is a room that, like no other room, is to serve for relaxation and rest. That is why it is worth to bring harmony and peace to it.

The white and grey of the natural matt stone used in the REST tiles collection, combined with slightly glossy geometric decorations, is an ideal basis for creating spaces in a variety of styles. The tiles blend in perfectly with both plant elements and boldly coloured designer furnishings, each time creating interiors that combine elegance with simplicity and above-average comfort in everyday use.

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