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The strength of color - a bathroom with an idea

The strength of color - a bathroom with an idea
Colours are what often determine the style of the interior in addition to influencing our mood. When chosen well, they help create an impressive design which helps you relax.

Interior designers have been promoting a new look at bathing spaces. They claim that individual style and the spirit of freedom are the most important elements of interior design. They emphasise choosing the right colours, which lend rooms a unique character in addition to influencing your mood. It is good to remember that the colour green fills you with optimism and energy, as well as motivating you to act. The colour blue introduces freshness and serenity to the interior. Beige, brown and grey, on the other hand, have a tranquillising effect which help you relax. Colours in bathroom trends appear on the large surfaces of walls and floors, as well as on furniture and elements of equipment. Colourful additions are becoming more and more popular, combining the traditional white colour of the toilet with a colourful toilet seat is one such example

Colourful duos

When combining colours, it is a good idea to use tried and true combinations which can help you build a friendly atmosphere in the interior and avoid design errors. If you are looking for intense colours in your bathroom, the shapes of the furniture and fittings should be simple and geometric. This allows you to avoid chaos and lends harmony to the entire design.

No-rim Colour

The Colour bathroom furniture and ceramics collection combines universal design and functionality. Therefore, the collection includes our most innovative solution – the no-rim CleanOn toilet bowl technology. Such bowls make cleaning your bathroom even easier. Their special shape makes the traditional internal rim obsolete – during flushing, water flows out in a way which effectively rinses the entire bowl.

The compact and wall-hung bowl from the Colour collection are available both as traditional and no-rim, CleanOn versions.

Colourful arrangement tricks

Colours can make your bathroom look completely different, as well as making it appear more proportionate, helping you divide the space better and create a coherent design. Large surfaces in cold greys, white or blue make small bathrooms appear larger. Colourful decorative borders and horizontal tiles not only add life to a design, but also make the room look wider; vertically-laid tiles, on the other hand, make the room look taller. Colour can also serve to set the boundaries between the various zones within your bathroom: shower, washbasin and toilet. If your bathroom is larger, you can allow yourself to experiment with colours and textures. Interiors like that need not be limited to dark and patterned tiles. Vividly coloured furniture fronts can also be used to great effect, filling up the space and making it look more cosy. Light tones used as the base for walls and floors constitute the tried-and-true approach, one which works particularly great in small rooms. It is easy to add variety to such spaces by sticking to one contrasting shade for additions, furniture and patterns.

A palette of choices – modular furniture

Harmonious shades and sublime furniture and ceramics shapes can make the interior look elegant and timeless. But bathrooms come in all flavours! If you like modern, minimalist designs, choose subdued colours, noble materials and furniture that you would use in a room. Combinations of various shades of grey, ascetic white and browns work great here. If you are looking for a joyful interior full of positive energy, you only need to add some colourful equipment to a bright interior and introduce a little colour to select fragments of the room. Those with a fondness for calmer, classic combinations as well as bolder, saturated colours are sure to fall in love with Cersanit’s Colour furniture and bathroom ceramics collection. Modern modular furniture in geometric shapes is easy to fit into rooms of any size, giving you more functional storage space. You can choose from four front colour variants, which can be combined as you please, allowing you to create your own style and making the room appear like a bathing salon. Your own composition of yellow, blue, grey or white cabinets is sure to make your bathroom stand out.

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