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The power of colour – what colours to choose for the bathroom?

The power of colour – what colours to choose for the bathroom?

The power of colour – what colours to choose for the bathroom?

Modern bathrooms are not shy of colours. They emphasize the style of arrangement, reflect our preferences, affect well–being. Bathroom tiles in subdued colours or in an energizing version? Check what colours of walls suit you!

Colours for the bathroom coming straight from nature

Blue is associated with divinity and lightness. When we look at it, we calm down and our blood pressure decreases. The bathing zone coloured with it can become a real oasis of peace, which, additionally, promotes creative thinking – yes, blue has an excellent effect on our mind. If you have a smaller interior, let's choose a light blue that will add spaciousness to the bathroom.
Blissful thoughts are also evoked by green. This is ideal for relaxation – it relaxes, reduces tension, helps regain physical and mental balance. However, it is worth bearing in mind that when deciding on green for a bathroom, do not put it in front of the mirror, because your skin looks less favourable on this background. A predominantly brown bathroom is more classic, but still natural. This colour is associated with comfort, gives you a sense of security and stability. Its versatility, as well as the warmth and depth it brings, make it very popular in interior design.

Bathroom tiles for the brave

If we want our bathroom to be unique, and at the same time to have a slightly predatory character, let's introduce red tiles into it. This colour combines opposites and can really raise blood pressure. On the one hand, aggressive, on the other – associated with love. It arouses excitement, but also – be careful – irritation. Observing it during the morning shower will give you energy for the day. Is red too radical? Let's choose orange that also motivates for action, but not in such an intense way. A large charge of energy is also associated with yellow. After all, on a sunny day, we are in a better mood and more willing to act. However, be careful with yellow in your bathroom – some shades may make you feel irritated more often.

Colours will give rhythm to the bathroom, organize it, emphasize individual zones, cover up imperfections and emphasize values. Considering the use of specific shades, let us consider what kind of light reaches the room. Is it only artificial light, or maybe the room has a window and the sunlight peeps into it? Remember that warm light will emphasize warm colours, damping cool ones, and, in turn, cold light will strengthen the cool shades, weakening the warm ones. The colour reception may also vary depending on the surface and texture of the bathroom tiles. What matters is whether they are on the floor or on the walls. The size of the area being arranged is also very important – the proper use of colours can optically enlarge or reduce the interior. However, before deciding what tile colours suit your bathroom, let’s check what chromotherapy (or colour therapy) has to say about it.

Black and white bathroom

As a synonym for timeless elegance, black perfectly fits modern bathrooms. However, you must remember not to overdo it and use it only to highlight some zones. You will then avoid an overwhelming and gloomy effect. Ideally, it should be combined with white, which introduces pristine purity, brightness, coolness and visually enlarges the space. This neutral colour works well in almost every combination, creating an innocent basis for more daring solutions. The only thing that can stop you from using white bathroom tiles is keeping them clean. The perfect alternative, in this case, is grey, which actually adds sophistication to each colour combination. Because it is made of black and white, it seems to carry the characteristics of both these colours. Formal, but not conservative, grey will bring cleanliness and freshness to the interior, and at the same time it will beautifully display strong colour accents.


Pink and purple alternative

When looking for remarkable solutions that have a soothing effect, it is worth considering pink or purple. The first, associated with romanticism, is now rather a symbol of a feminine interior. Pink bathroom tiles help emphasize strength and individuality, and at the same time free yourself from anger or aggression. Stress is also relieved by purple, which, because of its dramatic and lofty appearance, is associated with luxurious interiors. Both colours are best used with caution – accumulation of pink will oversweet the bathroom, and excess of purple can overwhelm it. Interestingly, both colours look good together. The key to success is choosing the right shades.

A bathroom of dreams

Therefore, feeling comfortably in the bathroom depends not only on the high–quality equipment and furniture, but also on the right choice of bathroom tile colours. Give a thought to the colours in which you feel best, what kind of character of the interior you desire and what arrangement possibilities it gives you, and then you can just focus on creating the bathroom space of your dreams.

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