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The most fashionable chevron pattern in the 20x120 format


Did you know that Cersanit introduced 20x120 wood grain-patterned tiles with the fashionable and very distinctive French chevron design? The brand is on a constant quest for new inspirations, expanding its range of innovative and timeless solutions. A perfect example of this attitude can be found in the NATURAL RYTHM WOOD CONCEPTS catalogue, created with our customers' tastes in mind. The extremely fashionable chevron pattern came to our interiors directly from France, and now it has been ideally transferred to the tiles featured in the CHEVRONWOOD collection, available in large formats. 


Go for the sublime style

Among a plethora of beautiful tiles, the NATURAL RYTHM. WOOD CONCEPTS catalogue by Cersanit features the unique CHEVRONWOOD collection in 20x120 cm format. The gres tiles look astonishing and the trendy chevron pattern, which is currently an interior design hit, will bring any arrangement to life with its soaring appearance. When deciding to use this format, we were guided by both form and functionality. In terms of appearance, larger tiles are a guarantee of preserving more details. On the other hand, this format also has practical values — it ensures easy installation, and additionally becomes an interesting alternative to floor boards and floor panels, which are similar in size. It is non-standard solutions like these that make gres tiles stand out among the competition and make them a source of endless design inspirations.

The French flair

Fashion, cuisine, and interior design — France is synonymous with timeless style and elegance, and is a master at creating unforgettable solutions that continually appeal to experts and consumers alike. From the aristocratic villas of southern France to the jazz-filled Parisian cityscapes, the eye-catching chevron pattern has been a constant feature where culture and art reign supreme Now, with the CHEVRONWOOD collection by Cersanit we can bring this nature-inspired elegance directly into our homes. The chevron-patterned tiles available in the collection will add a touch of artistic flair to your interior, ensuring harmony stemming from the timeless style. Minimalist form turns the interior into a blank canvas that gives limitless possibilities to express our own individual character. The collection will not only be a perfect fit for the now-popular boho style, but it will also bring minimalistic, modern interiors to life. By choosing this solution we can be sure that we are getting a multidimensional classic, which will gather the compliments of our guests and will be a magnificent sight to behold for years to come. The 20x120 format not only ensures easy installation, but also reproduces the natural look of wood in astonishing detail with its rounded grain, subtle scuffing and intertwining shades of brown and beige. Inspired by French style, the Cersanit gres tiles will tame any loft interiors, make the inside of a shop feel like home and become a true highlight of any space. Designing an interior that truly has character is now at your fingertips.