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The bathroom dilemma – a bathtub or a shower?

The bathroom dilemma – a bathtub or a shower?

A bathtub or a shower? This is one of the most important questions that arise when decorating the bathroom. Both solutions have their own advantages, but in this case, not all options will match our interior. The size of the room, our lifestyle, as well as our individual preferences are only some of the criteria that need to be considered.


For people, who enjoy taking long baths

A comfortable bathtub is an absolute must-have for people, who enjoy taking long and relaxing baths. Because nothing relaxes quite like taking a bath, accompanied by romantic music, candles and fragrance oils. Our bathroom can easily be transformed into our very own home SPA if opt to choose a comfortable bathtub with an ergonomic shape and an adjustable backrest, such as the ZEN model The bathtub is certainly a more convenient solution in the case of large or medium-sized bathrooms. But, even if we do not own such a spacious bathing salon, all is still not lost! Currently, there are bathtubs of various sizes available on the market and as such, even the smallest bathrooms may be equipped with one. Examples include the Flavia or Nao models. Despite their relatively small size, they are equipped with a specially profiled backrest so that we may spend those long, relaxing baths in comfort.

For the fans of the classics

If you dream of an elegant, classic bathroom, choose a bath that will not only serve as a functional utility but also as a decorative element. Elegant bathtubs on legs or with a geometrical form are always an excellent choice. Simple shapes will add tastefulness to your interior, while modern ceramics will emphasise the minimalist character. If we happen to have a sufficiently large space, we have the option to choose between asymmetrical, rectangular or oval bathtubs, as well as built-in or free-standing ones.

For juniors

A bathtub is a great solution for families with children. Thanks to them, bathing can become a great opportunity to have fun, instead of being just a daily chore. We can easily fit two children in a bathtub at once, which saves both energy and time. For example, if we choose the built-in bathtub model from the SMART collection which is equipped with spacious storage compartments, we can put all the bathroom toys, cosmetics and cleaning products in one, easily accessible place. A bathtub will also prove useful for dog owners. Washing our pet in a bathtub is undoubtedly much more convenient than doing so in a shower cabin.

For fast-paced fans of modernity

When taking a bath, we often end up spending more time in the bathroom than we originally intended to. That is precisely why a shower may be a better choice for those with a fast-paced lifestyle. Additionally, choosing a shower over a traditional bathtub will allow us to save both time and money, as a shower uses much less water. While a bathtub gives our bathroom a sense of classic elegance, a shower perfectly complements any modern interior. This is especially true if we opt for a walk-in version with a linear outflow. Such a solution will make the bathroom more spacious, while still retaining excellent aesthetics.

Comfort for the elderly

A shower, especially one without a shower tray, is an excellent choice for the elderly and the disabled. This type of shower cabin will not only make their everyday hygiene easier, but it will also grant them increased freedom of movement. Placing a special seat in the cabin will allow the elderly or disabled persons to shower in a sitting position, while installing a convenient deluge showerhead will remove the necessity of holding the showerhead in their hands.

For the indecisive

If we are unable to resolve this dilemma and settle for either a bathtub or a shower - why not choose both? Shower sets and over-bath shower screens, which may be installed on any standard bathtub are also available on the market. Thanks to those, we can create a universal shower cabin with ease. This option allows us to create a bathroom, in which we can prepare a long, romantic bath, as well as take a quick shower after an intense workout. And if we chose an over-bath shower screen that uses CleanPro technology, the tedious task of cleaning handprints, as well as water and soap stains will be a thing of the past.

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