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Smart bathrooms: technologies for convenient living

Smart bathrooms: technologies for convenient living

Choices which make life at home easier are now entering the bathroom. Self-cleaning ceramic ware, taps which conserve water and state-of-the-art storage space management systems work well in all bathrooms, whatever their shape, size or theme. All of this allows you to enjoy beautiful and highly functional indoor spaces that are tailored to your needs and expectations.



A bathroom that makes cleaning easy

Is this an unreal concept? Hardly. The modern technologies used in the production of bathroom ceramic ware make cleaning and maintaining the bathroom much easier and less time-consuming than ever before. Some examples include the CREA collection washbasins, with their astonishingly stylish design lines and superior functionality. Finished with extremely smooth glazes, washbasins can now prevent the build-up of grime, making it much easier to remove scale and soap stains. All thanks to Rocklite technology. There are innovations which help improve and maintain the cleanliness of toilets, such as the CleanOn rimless bowl with an antibacterial toilet seat.



Smart bathroom tapware

When looking for the right bathroom taps, consider their appearance and functionalities. The taps for today’s shower sets often include water-conserving solutions and maximum water temperature limiters. These features help care for the environment, your budget and your safety. You may be surprised that single-handle taps (including the LUVIO, MAYO, MILLE BLACK and WHITE series) help reduce water consumption by up to a third. A similar benefit is found with taps featuring aerators, which also reduce water usage. While the total flow volume at the spout is increased, the actual volume of water flow is reduced, slashing actual water usage by up to one half! Those with babies will certainly appreciate ThermoBlock (a feature of the MAYO, LUVIO, and VIGO taps), which is a maximum water temperature limiter to prevent scalding.

Modern storage space management systems

Bathroom furniture with milled handles and soft-closing systems are not a hype that will fade, as they are the result of our care for your convenience. The concealed and flush handles fitted to the drawers and cubicles do away with worries about how they will look after years of use, or the necessity of replacing them all should one fail. The aesthetic value of the handles are too great to miss. Milled handles are ideal for minimalists. Soft-closing systems are perfect for anyone who wants to avoid waking up the household while they are getting ready for the day ahead.

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