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Renovation costs – how do you calculate them?

Renovation costs – how do you calculate them?
Most of us have trouble assessing the costs of a planned renovation. A number of factors must be taken into consideration – the costs of the materials, the plan, the manpower, and unpredictable accidents and emergencies. This task is especially difficult to accomplish when it comes to bathrooms. So, how do you assess the preliminary costs and prepare a good estimate? Here are several pieces of advice.

When planning to renovate the bathroom, we tend to devote a lot of time to browsing interior design websites and magazines – looking at the items, searching for their pros and cons, we wonder how the particular solutions will work for our homes. Later, the time comes to create a more precise plan or design, select the tiles, fittings, furniture, and decorative elements. Oftentimes, among the many matters to consider, we have no time to estimate the precise cost and whether we can meet the assumed budget.

It is a good idea to begin preparing the estimation by determining your needs and scope of works. Do you wish to merely refresh the interior, or are you planning a general renovation entailing the replacement of the fittings? Do you want to use the highest-quality materials only, or will middle-shelf goods do? Finally, do you want to perform most of the works on your own, or with the help of professionals?

Product costs

When the framework has been clearly set, it is a good idea to prepare detailed tables. One of them should pertain to the prices of the products that you want to buy and apply. It should contain all of the elements you plan on buying – from the bigger, obvious ones such as the bath, shower tray, or shower cabin, wall-hung bowl, sink, fittings, tiles, and furniture, through products that are usually invisible, such as mortars, isolating agents and glues, pipes and accessories, as well as administrative costs such as that of cutting off the water. Thanks to the existence of webstores, checking the prices of most items should pose no problem.

Service costs

That is, however, not all – we also need to check the cost of creating an interior design (if we decide to employ such services) and manpower. Here, penny-pinching is never a good idea; poorly performed work may end up costing you much more than it was worth. Sooner or later, the mistakes will surface, and, in the worst-case scenario, they may even lead to the necessity of another renovation! When choosing the professionals – plumbers, tilers, and the finishing team – it is a good idea to listen to the opinions of your friends and people online.

Unpredictable expenses

When planning a renovation, especially one that entails performing works related to the fittings, you can never be sure that nothing will surprise you. Therefore, a golden rule that should be applied when creating estimates should be to determine an emergency budget, constituting a certain percentage of the planned sum. Such a reserve will allow you to handle emergencies without unnecessary stress and problems.


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