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Plants in the bathroom – which ones should you select to decorate the interior?

Plants in the bathroom – which ones should you select to decorate the interior?

Independent of the style in which you will arrange your bathroom, potted plants can be one of its most beautiful and eye-catching decorations. That is, provided that they are healthy and well-maintained. It is an important condition, as not all species thrive in a humid room. Which plants should you choose for toilets and bath rooms, and which ones are best avoided?

Potted plants are one of those “additions” which will fit perfectly in every arrangement - from minimalist to a highly decorated and stylised one. Lush plants in large, decorative pots, small colourful flowers set on small shelves, as well as a loosely hanging ivy will all look beautiful.
However, when planning the inclusion of plants, you have to remember a few things - firstly to provide them with natural light. This is a necessary condition, but not the only one. Although typically plants grow very well in humid and warm rooms, it is worth taking care that they do not come in contact with chemicals or directly with water. Moreover, they should be set so that they simply don't disturb us. Constantly touching and moving the leaves is not only irritating, but also harmful for the plants.


Which species should you choose?

Although the choice of plant species for the bathroom depends primarily on your taste, you should remember that not all of them will thrive equally well in the bathroom. It largely depends on the sun exposure of the room.
Place sun-loving plants in a very bright bathroom. Dragon trees, fig trees, violets, crotons, kalanchoe, orchids, as well as palms and papyrus, whose vivid green colour will look great against tiles emulating the terazzo stone from the Cersanit HIKA collection. On the other hand, for darker rooms, choose shade-loving species. Contrary to what you might think, there are quite a lot of them: ivies, ferns, peace lilies, dieffenbachias, cyperus…
You have to remember that although plants like moisture in general, it must not be excessive. Without efficient ventilation, you will quickly notice moulds and other fungi developing, and your plants will begin to get sick. On the other hand, cacti and succulents are species which are advised against using in bathrooms - and that is due to the moisture.


For dark bathrooms

And what if our bathroom has no window? Does this mean that you have to give up the dream of having plants there? Not necessarily. There are two solutions. A less popular one is to install special lamps that emit close-to-natural light. These lamps must be directed towards the plants at a distance of approx. 30 - 50 cm. It is easy to find energy-saving lamps in stores, which will not ruin your wallet.
Another solution is a proper arrangement of the interior. If you cannot have live plants, it is worth considering choosing tiles inspired by vegetation. The FRESH MOSS collection, apart from the base tiles with the pattern of raw concrete, includes glass decorations with the vivid green of reindeer lichen. The moss print delights with its texture and heterogeneous colour, while it resembles a living plant.

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