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New bathroom collections in FORMAT 30x60

New bathroom collections in FORMAT 30x60 1


We have extended the Cersanit offer with exceptionally inspiring propositions, in the popular bathroom tile format of 30x60. The collections presented are a guarantee of surprising solutions and bold styling. By extending our offer, we have complemented the available range of arrangements, responding to the inspirations sought by the Consumer in various styles.

For the first time in the Cersanit offer we explore two completely new glazes - PEARL and SUPER MATT. Both are available in white. The PEARL glaze with two structures resembles a delicate, shiny velvet, intriguingly dispersing the light. It gives the room distinctive energy and dynamics and makes it optically larger. The effect of elegance and roughness of the SUPER MATT glaze will be appreciated by the supporters of modern arrangements, where the geometric structure surprises with robust finish, perf ectly accentuating the individual character of the interior.

Fara collection

Subtle charm of colours and shapes. The Fara collection in pleasant, warm tones of beige delights with its depth and symmetry of the decorative motif. The combination of delicate structure and geometric pattern of subtle stripes, overlapping each other at right angles creates a unique harmony in the surroundings. The decorative elements shimmering in light intensify the mood, and the organic character of the whole will be further emphasised by a dedicated wood-like floor, alludin

Herra collection

In the Herra collection the roughness of the structure inspired by scratch cement is combined with a harmonious and elegant motif. The tile structure made of overlapping lines resembles the pattern of the famous French herringbone. The possibility of arranging the tiles both vertically and horizontally, while maintaining the effect of continuity of the pattern gives extra flexibility of arrangement, and the expressive motif deepens and enhances the character of the collection. The entire arrangement can be complemented with a specially designed dedicated flooring tile of identical graphics and colour, thus creating a colourful, consistent interior that will delight each and every one.

ARCE collection (stone)

A classic combination of white and black that never goes out of style. The Arce collection is an ideal choice when building bold and original arrangements. The tile structure inspired by white stone stained with black veins will give each interior a unique look, and the glossy surface finish will add a touch of elegance and prestige to the space. The collection perfectly complements the dedicated polished floors in plain black and white colours, or in combination with wood-like tiles.

ASSIIER collection (stone)

The Assier collection inspired by the nobility of natural stone combines timeless elegance and original design. The unique structure of the tiles reproduces a diversified, tonal stone in shades verging on grey and brown with 3 types of veins - white, grey and copper. Subtle, glossy surface finish additionally brings out the original character of the structure, giving the whole an unobvious depth. A room arranged with the Assier collection will surprise you with the effect you have always dreamed of.

GEOFUN collection (stone)


The Geofun collection encompasses the richness of geometric shapes derived from the fashionable trends from the 70s that are regaining their popularity. Mutually complementary, curved arches in the tile motif create an unusual mosaic, and the rough structure of dotted grey stone with delicate white details adds a remarkable, subtle expression to the arrangement. The collection is rounded out by a specially designed, dedicated floor in a darker colour, which perfectly matches the elegant character of the wall tiles.





NARIN collection (stone)

The surprising power of perspective. In the Narin collection, inspired by the classic raw stone, the unique geometric structure varies depending on the angle of view. Regular geometric patterns seen straight ahead turn into an unobvious striped structure when looked at from an angle. The unusual motif of the collection is complemented by the original graphic design imitating tiny white stones sunk in grey rock. The whole can also be complemented with dedicated floor tiles with identical graphics and contrasting, darker shade of grey to create an original, yet coherent arrangement.




Murra collection (stone)

Soothing vibe of the sunny sandy beach and a gentle breeze of the sea. The Murra collection brings holiday memories straight to your interior. The tiles, inspired by the warm beige colours of coastal beaches and the subtle motif reminiscent of windblown sand, will help create a climate of peace and harmony. The classic colours of the collection perfectly match the shades of warm wood, offering a wide range of arrangement choices. Additionally, the extremely pleasant to the touch surface of the tile and its deep structure, combined with a dedicated floor create a seamless collection that will instantly fit our taste.

SILVES collection (stone)

The Silves collection proves that less is more. Simple colours kept in shades of grey and high quality graphics with white accents reflecting the classic look of raw stone represent modern aesthetics, for a demanding Customer. The collection has only one wall element - surprising with many unique stone patterns. It does not require additional structures or decorations. This makes it a great choice for those who appreciate a uniform and coherent look of rooms. The Silves collection is an eye-catching proposition.

BASIC BEIGE collection (monocolour)

An oasis of peace for every interior. The Basic Beige collection, thanks to its delicate colours in warm shades of beige, brings a cosy atmosphere of tranquillity and harmony. The decorative version of tiles based on a glossy, irregular structure in the pattern of a sea wave additionally deepens the soothing atmosphere, while the organic character of the collection will be highlighted when combined with natural wood-inspired floor. Your oasis of peace is right at your fingertips.

UNA WHITE PERL collection (monocolour)

Unrivalled elegance. The Una White Pearl collection with Coreset Structure structural tile is a combination of timeless, classic white colour with a harmonious motif of converging lines, modelled on the famous French herringbone. The pearly, soft to the touch finish of the glaze, resembling a shiny velvet, uniquely reflects the rays of light and the expressive structure additionally deepens this effect, creating a unique atmosphere of lightness and extreme elegance.

earl perfection. In the Una White Pearl collection featuring the Manver Structure - a unique glaze finish in classic shades of white is combined with a surprising, asymmetrical sea-wave motif, creating a perfectly complementary arrangement. The pearly surface of the tiles resembles a delicate, shiny velvet that intriguingly disperses light, creating a unique effect of depth and adding energy and dynamics to the interior. Try these suggestions and find out that your room has never been so special.

UNA WHITE SUPER MATT collection (monocolour)

Modernity in its purest form. The Una White Super Matt collection is minimalistic and simple in form - a solution for fans of raw modernist design. The subtle white of the tiles and strong matt finish will perfectly highlight the climate of the interior, while the geometric structure adds to the character of the whole. The decorative pentagonal motif of an irregular shape employed in the collection creates a unique effect of threedimensionality, giving the room depth and making it optically larger.

DEKORINA collection (motives)

The Dekorina collection offers uniqueness achieved with the power of colour. The strong colour accent in the form of a noble shade of deep turquoise catches the eye and enchants with a surprising, distinctive character. The unique charm of the tiles is additionally highlighted by expressive motifs of sawn concrete and an irregular, geometric patchwork motif in a decorative variant available in the collection. This is a proposition tailored to the needs of every enthusiast of interior design trends and unconventional ideas.

SAFINA collection (motives)

The Safina collection in a very unique way combines the versatility of the arrangement with subtle Art Deco style elegance. The timeless classic white of matt tiles go well with the decor of any interior, and the decorative inserto motif alluding to Art Deco inspired ornaments is a guarantee of a surprising, sublime effect. The collection will suit both stylizations involving wood as well as modern concrete arrangements. .

TROPICANI collection (motives)

Carefree relaxation under palm trees with an enchanting exotic touch. The Tropicani collection inspired by tropical banana leaves captivates with its unique holiday feel and attracts attention thanks to the distinctiveness and originality of the motif. The metallic effect on the tile surface makes the decorative leaf pattern reflect light, gently glittering in the sun or artificial lighting. The natural character of the collection will be further accentuated by the use of wood-like flooring elements, which will perfectly match the organic motif of wall tiles.

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