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Match your bathroom faucet with your MODUO bathroom furnishings

Moduo knows no boundaries

The unlimited possibilities of MODUO concept mean a 100% perfect match to your bathroom interior. The stylish MODUO bathroom faucets are available in universal chrome finish with an elegant gloss and scratch- and abrasion-resistant Cersanit Super Shine coating.
The collection includes washbasin, bidet, bathtub, and shower faucets that will be a perfect match for your bathroom arrangement. The collection features a number of installation solutions allowing to choose either a classic or a modern, flush-mounted setup.




Washbasin faucets

MODUO single lever washbasin faucets are eco-friendly products, allowing to reduce water consumption by approximately 40% – 60%. They are equipped with the eco-friendly Cersanit Water Save Aerator, which effectively aerates the water, increasing its volume. The faucets are equipped with a high-quality ceramic head, ensuring a smooth regulation of the water stream as well as quiet operation.
Washbasin faucets are also supplied with reliable WRAS-certified connection hoses. They ensure that the natural taste and smell of water does not get altered in any way. A metal click-clack plug can be fit to the faucet, the design of which will perfectly match the whole set.


Choosing a flush-mounted faucet allows for greater freedom and liberty when designing a modern bathroom interior. This solution helps to save space in the washbasin area and also promotes cleanliness.


This type of faucet will perfectly complement an elegant countertop washbasin and cabinet set. You can also opt to mount the faucet on a stone or wooden countertop.


An easy-to-install, classic solution designed for furniture washbasins, furniture-countertop washbasins, recessed countertop washbasins with a faucet installation hole.

Deck-mounted bidet faucet

The bidet is becoming a more and more popular piece of bathroom equipment as it provides users with a high level of hygiene. By choosing MODUO bidet, bidet faucet and click-clack plug, you get a perfectly stylistically matched set.
MODUO deck-mounted bidet faucet is designed to be installed in a premade installation hole in the ceramic of the bidet bowl. The single-lever solution will allow for easy adjustment of the temperature and intensity of the water stream.
The bidet faucet is equipped with the eco-friendly Cersanit Water Save Aerator and a 35 mm ceramic head which enables smooth control of the water stream. The faucet is also supplied with WRAS-certified 40 cm long flexible Eco EPDM connection hoses.

Bathtub-shower faucets

The sophisticated, classic shapes and timeless colour of the MODUO faucets will satisfy everyone who loves simple and elegant solutions.
Match a single-lever MODUO faucet for your shower enclosure or bathtub.
MODUO products are characterised by a minimalist design and are available in chrome with an elegant metallic gloss finish. The faucets are offered in two installation options: classic exposed wall-mounted or flush-mounted with the installation elements concealed in the wall (box).
To create a complete bathtub-shower or shower set, add the shower head of your choice. Anyone who cares about the environment will appreciate the Cersanit Air Aerator featured in bathtub-shower faucets, which allows for significant water and energy savings. The faucets are also equipped with a 35mm ceramic head, which enables smooth control of the water stream throughout its life cycle.

All this makes MODUO collection not just ordinary bathroom fittings, but a package of numerous benefits to satisfy even the most demanding users. 



​This type of faucet has both a spout and a shower set connection hole.  All this provides us with the choice between a relaxing bath or a quick, refreshing shower.


The system with a box for concealing installation elements is a perfect solution for arranging minimalist bathroom space where only the necessary elements remain visible. All technical parts — such as the water mixer — remain concealed.


The shower faucet allows you to enjoy your comfortable daily rituals in the shower area. Installed in the shower enclosure, with the shower head of your choice, it will create an inseparable bathroom duet.

Concealed bathtub-shower set 

What does it include?

1. Concealed  bathtub-shower faucet with a Ø35 mm ceramic head;
2. A Ø13.8 cm three-function shower head, made of ABS plastic, with EasyCLEAN silicone nozzle finish;
3. 150 cm anti-twist PVC shower hose (WRAS-certified);
4. 70 cm stainless steel shower bar with a sliding handle;
5. Brass angled connector for supplying water to the shower hose;
6. Ultra-thin Ø 25 cm SLIM rainshower, which is only 0.2 cm thick, finished with EasyCLEAN silicone nozzle;
7. Brass shower arm.

MODUO concealed  bathtub-shower set is a comprehensive offer for people who value both functionality and modern design.

What about the EasyCLEAN shower head and rainshower finish?
The silicone nozzles of the rainshower and shower head prevent limescale build-up. The flexible material makes cleaning deposits much easier and the water flows out in a perfect stream.

Why is MODUO shower head so special?

MODUO shower head offers 3 shower settings:
- FALL: a gentle stream of water which brings a flowing waterfall to mind.
- RAIN: a continuous, regular stream of water that refreshes and rejuvenates in a standard, pleasant way.
- RAIN & FALL: a combination of the refreshing rain with the softness of the waterfall stream.