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Marble in the bathroom – luxury interior at your fingertips

Marble in the bathroom – luxury interior at your fingertips

They are indisputably beautiful, elegant and timeless - marble and products inspired by it are currently among the most frequently used materials for interior design. They appear on the walls and floors, but also on furniture and as decorations. Take a look how you can use them in your bathroom.

The charm of natural marble has always been a favourite among those who love beauty. Its pattern and colouration, and above all uniqueness, are a symbol of luxury and prestige. Therefore, it is hardly surprising that there are many followers of using this rock in interior design. On the contrary, marble and other stone types are presently going through their renaissance. Designers are eagerly choosing them, and appreciating their aesthetic value and benefits.

However, it should be remembered that natural stone is not entirely free of flaws. The greatest one is its price - in simple terms, marble is expensive. Moreover, it is not as robust as you may expect. It is relatively easily stained and scratched, and can crack when improperly installed.


On the walls and floors

Marble inspired ceramic tiles are a perfect alternative to natural marble. They imitate the pattern of many types in such detail that no difference can be spotted at first glance. Apart from that, they offer a greater array of arrangement possibilities.
For instance, the CALA Cersanit collection not only includes large base tiles inspired by the most fashionable decorative stone - calacatta - but also supplementary tiles in silver and black. The whole is supplemented with an irregular, grey mosaic. The collection can be combined with wood or concrete surfaces, delivering completely different effects - the interior can be thoroughly modern and cool, or elegant and cosy.

The tile collections, similarly to natural stone, allow you to play with the shape of the individual components. This is because they are not only available in the most popular squares or rectangles, but also in other shapes. However, the tiles will be considerably less expensive than stone processing, and the order will be filled much faster.


The diamond-shaped decorative mosaic tiles available in the MARINEL collection can be laid in many different ways. They can be used to decorate small surfaces, for instance around the mirror, bathtub or shower cabin, or whole wall surfaces. These tiles can be laid in a vertical or horizontal orientation, or in other, more fancy designs. They will work with basic tiles from the same collection, or in combination with wood-like tiles in a warm, natural colouration. The cool white colouration, characteristic of the Mediterranean style, is emphasised with an optional fine structure resembling waves.

In accessories

Importantly, stone will work perfectly not only as the leading character, but also as a complement of a design. Bowls, cups, soap dishes, soap dispensers, and even handles made of natural marble or materials inspired by this stone can decorate the bathroom and will provide it with a highly individual character. What is more, they will come in handy when using the bathroom.


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