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Larger bathrooms mean unlimited opportunities

Larger bathrooms mean unlimited opportunities

Having a large bathroom is like a dream. A bathtub as huge as a classic American car, plenty of storage for an arsenal of cosmetics and other beauty products, and more: thinking about a ‘large bathroom’ drives the desire for a perfect interior design that meets all our needs and whims. Large indoor spaces provide infinite design opportunities, but there are many challenges to overcome. Read on for how to arrange a large bathroom space, to keep it looking friendly rather overwhelming.


No dilemmas: a bathtub and shower in one

No limits? This is arguably one of the benefits large rooms provide. If you have always dreamt of a huge bathtub and the convenience of a shower, a large bathroom can give you both. A large bathroom can easily include a bathtub with a shower and other very convenient facilities like a bidet, which is great for children and seniors alike. Bathrooms see a constant struggle for that single washbasin, something we can all do without. It is a good idea to include two washbasins mounted on or in a very long and functional counter top, with space to store bathroom accessories. If you need and additional and separate storage management solutions, consider under-counter cubicles. Choose from the same line of ceramic tiles to keep the bathroom design consistent. It is best to choose those in the style of your bathtub, toilet or bidet.



More does not always mean better


Large spaces often tempt people to go wild in their design. However, be restrained in the selection of bold colours, exuberant prints, unique tile textures and unusual finishing materials. Large spaces allow you to benefit from more custom solutions than is feasible in a small bathroom; however, too many eye-catching details make the bathroom overwhelming. Be moderate, and go with simpler pattern and colour choices. Choose warmer tones for the tiles and neutral for the furniture. A trendy combination that draws upon nature includes faux concrete tiles, furniture in oak timber colours or grey linen; boho details are on the rise this season. If you prefer bolder accents, go with safer, moderate colours for your canvas of patterns and textures. Matt or glossy textured tiles can add some variety, while glass inserts with plant patterns provide a touch of refinement.



A subtle take on a large bathroom

Today’s bathrooms are becoming less and less like traditional choices. They are usually arranged with a distinct division into a “wet” bathing area and a “dry” relaxing one, with the design details and accents closer to a dressing or a living room than a bathroom. Side drawers, comfy chairs, handy vanity tables and chandeliers can add an air of opulence and homeliness. You can make the interior design more avant-garde and progressive with items unusual to bathrooms, combined with bold colours and designer-like tile shapes (see: hexagon tiles or cube-mosaic tiles). Getting the right furniture and fittings in the right places is important in creating that great bathing, care and beauty experience.

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