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LARGA -Customized bathroom solutions

LARGA is a new direction of independent bathroom design and arrangement. As part of a consistent architectural concept, a comprehensive range of elegant products was created, the compatibility and diversity of which allow for extraordinary freedom in arrangement and personalization of each zone of the bathroom down to the smallest detail. It offers modular bathroom furniture in 3 colour variants: white, grey and blue with knurled handles in 3 colours: silver, gold and black, countertop washbasins in 4 shapes and 3 colours: white, white mat and matt anthracite, furniture washbasins in various sizes, toilet products in 2 shapes, bathtubs with extremely thin edges, a wide selection of products for the shower area, as well as a full range of bathroom fittings.

LARGA is also a number of innovations, such as the SILVER PROTECT technology ensuring the highest hygiene standard of bathroom ceramics, or the ROCKLITE technology offering lightweight washbasins with a higher degree of durability.

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