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How to decorate a small bathroom

How to decorate a small bathroom
Designing a small bathroom requires a good plan of action. How can you fit all the necessary equipment into a confined space, while making it appear more spacious and cosy?

Good space management is essential to achieving a functional and cosy interior. Designing a bathroom only a few square metres in size is a real challenge. A well thought-out plan is important, one that allows you to use every centimetre of space optimally. Bathroom renovation should therefore start with an assessment of the layout of the interior – perhaps it is possible to move a wall or part of it to gain more room for a washing machine or a shower. Thicker walls are great for recessed cabinets, which provide a solution to the lack of storage space. Every bathroom, regardless of size, should be clearly divided into two zones at the design stage – the wet and dry zones. The washbasin and mirror should be placed opposite the door. The toilet, on the other hand, should be situated more to the side, and should be slightly hidden.

Bespoke equipment

When choosing your bathroom equipment, it is necessary to keep in mind the size of the room. Fortunately, the producers themselves make this easier for you by offering collections tailored to bathrooms of all sizes. It is possible to find small bath tubs, shorter toilet bowls, corner washbasins and compact furniture. Wall-hung equipment is also worth looking at – such as toilet bowls and furniture. Wall-hung ceramics look light, do not take up precious space on the floor and are easier to clean. This way of mounting also allows you to hide the reservoir and the piping inside the wall. When furnishing a small bathroom, you are forced to choose between a bath tub and a shower. This problem is solved by a bath tub with a shower screen, which allows you to enjoy both long baths and refreshing showers.

Tried and true tricks which make interiors appear larger

Experts recommend exercising moderation when it comes to smaller bathrooms – this applies to colours, materials and styles, allowing you to avoid chaos and overloading the design. Do not forget to include mirrors and plain, glossy surfaces, which are a great way to optically enlarge rooms. Simple-shaped, light-coloured, varnished MDF furniture is great for smaller interiors (the glossy finish contributes to making the room appear larger). When thinking about the finishing materials for the floor and the walls, choose light, cold colours, which make the walls appear more distant. White, grey, beige and light blue tiles are great for this. Large sizes are also a good idea – when laid properly, they optically add a few centimetres to the room and can make it look taller or wider. Yet another trick often used by designers is to lay the same tiles both on the floor and the walls. This blurs spatial boundaries and optically enlarges the room. Small bathrooms look great with rectified tiles, which can be laid with very little grout, allowing you to achieve a very uniform surface without dividing lines. Light-coloured tiles, such as the ones from Cersanit’s Grissa collection, are perfect for small rooms. Darker and more colourful elements should be limited to the fittings (e.g. black mixer taps from the Mille collection) and other additions: towels, rugs and accessories. Do not forget about the atmosphere in the room – you can add potted plants, scented soap and candles.

Everything in order

Small spaces require order. To achieve that, we try to hide as many cosmetic products, cleaning agents and necessary accessories in the cabinets as possible. A bathroom organised in this way appears larger. Wall-hung column cabinets are a practical solution here, as they can also be equipped with baskets, e.g. for the laundry. Special sorting systems can be used to prevent your drawers from becoming too messy. Such solutions ensure that everything is in the right place. The space above a flush-mounted toilet frame can also be used to hang cabinets or shelves. Another great idea is to hang a cabinet equipped with a mirror and lighting above the washbasin. This gives you more space for your cosmetics, and the decorative lighting is sure to lend the room a unique character.

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