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ECO style cleaning

ECO style cleaning

ECO style cleaning

You do not have to use strong chemicals to keep your bathroom perfectly clean. You can look after hygiene equally effectively by using natural agents, as well as by choosing innovative solutions for interior design. Below you will find several eco-friendly methods for bathroom clean up.

We all agree that cleanliness in the bathroom is an absolute must. However, the number of ways to get a bathroom clean are more numerous than you might expect from supermarket shelves or advertisements. Strong detergents are definitely not the only option. Quite the opposite - they often turn out to be harmful to our health - particularly for those with allergies.

Eco-friendly cleaning agents

An efficient, and also fully eco-friendly method is the use of natural cleaning agents. On the Internet, you will easily find many recipes for agents based on vinegar, baking soda, natural essential oils and fruit acids. They turn out to be equally efficient at combatting dirt and microorganisms as any traditional detergents. They will work perfectly for cleaning even such difficult surfaces as mirrors (vinegar), ceramics and fittings (vinegar and water), and even the silicone used to seal the shower unit (lemon)!

Not only chemicals

Importantly, modern technologies are an equally significant ally in the fight for a clean bathroom, as are cleaning agents. A good example here are the AQUA 22 MECH and AQUA 22 MECH QF slim concealed frames, allowing for easy installation of a wall-hung bowl. With them, you will no longer need to clean hard to reach nooks and crannies. This is because there will not be any in your bathroom! Thanks to the concealed flushing system, the critical places where harmful bacteria multiply will simply disappear.

For trouble-free hygiene, the concealed WC frames have also been equipped with the FRESH SYSTEM. This system enables the toilet block basket to be refilled quickly, without the need to unscrew the WC compact cover.

No rim toilet bowls made using the CleanOn technology are another feature, as their cleaning is incomparably easier than in the case of a normal bowl. The lack of a rim causes the flushed water to wash the entire inner surface of the bowl, and not just its lower portion. The sets are supplemented with easily detachable, antibacterial toilet seats.


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