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Eclecticism in the bathroom – how can you make an interesting interior arrangement?

Eclecticism in the bathroom – how can you make an interesting interior arrangement?

Though it would seem that design coherence is a basic condition for creating a beautiful and harmonious interior, it is not the case at all. Sometimes, combining several seemingly mismatched elements can yield stupendous results. How do you create an eclectic interior that will make you proud?

Eclecticism, i.e. a school of thought proposing the union of non-matching elements coming from various styles, eras and artistic schools, is one of the more challenging approaches to arranging interiors. Nonetheless, if applied well, it allows for creating original, very interesting arrangements that are bound to delight with their uniqueness.

Here are several examples. Colourful, saturated hues of the decorative pieces (including accessories, towels, rugs, etc.) is a great addition for cold, loft-style arrangements. When placed in the bathroom, a stylised couch with beautiful, ornamental quilting that one would sooner see in a palace sitting room will be an asset both when it comes to its functionality and beauty. Similarly, ornamental, wooden étagères will not only make good cosmetic shelves; they will also introduce a lot of style into a minimalist interior.

In modern interiors

How can you do this in your own bathroom, though? There are many ways. The first example is a typically minimalist interior. It can be arranged with the CREA Cersanit collection as the basis; its baths, hanging bowls, bidets and sinks feature simple, prominent lines, and the geometrical, adornment-free furniture’s colours are toned down. The entire set will create a calm, balanced interior. You can liven it up by introducing a bit of colour and craziness, e.g. by using vivid-coloured decorations, happy pictures on the wall, or crazy lighting.

...and stylised interiors as well

On the other hand, let’s not shy away from introducing modern elements into classical or stylised interiors.
Let’s take the MANZILA collection, for example. The tiles, imitating stone with fine, white veins, bringing about the sunny, safari vibe, as well as bars and mosaic in the herringbone arrangement, invoke the warmth of African nature. Aiming to create a stylistically coherent interior, you can use dark, exotic woods, rattan, painted masks, woven mats and rugs... But it doesn't have to stop there. Contrary to what it may seem, such an interior will work great with modern fittings such as LUVIO, chromed plumbing elements, or mirrors in thin, metal frames.

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