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Create your own bathroom without the help of an architect

How should you arrange the perfect bathroom yourself?

Regardless of whether you have a large, spacious bathing salon, or your bathroom is quite small and incommodious - the arrangement of its interior can be a bit scary at first. There are so many decisions to make. Where to locate the most important equipment, whether to choose a bathtub or maybe a shower cabin, which ceramics will be best, what furniture will be both beautiful and functional? Here are some tips on how to solve the most important issues and create a perfect arrangement without the help of an architect.

Step 1 Interior design scheme

When designing a bathroom interior, first of all, we have to remember about its ergonomics and functionality, while, obviously, keeping our own needs in mind. We spend too much time there for ill-arranged furnishings to arouse our frustration. In general, the location of the most important elements - the toilet, bathtub, washbasin and washing machine - are determined by the existing plumbing installations. This does not mean, however, that we have no say in this respect. In many cases, even small modifications may allow you to change the location of the toilet or washbasin, and thus create an interior that is more comfortable in everyday use.

In the second step, it is time to select the appliances. Consider whether you prefer a bathtub or a shower cabin. A suspended or a free standing toilet, with or without furniture. Consider whether the bathtub should stand on the countertop or be suspended in it. All of this is of great importance in the subsequent stages. Lets also determine the seemingly minor aspects, for example, if you prefer the cosmetics to be at hand - in which case, you will need more space on the countertop - or whether you want to hide them, for example, in a handy drawer under the washbasin. Or maybe you wish to place them on shelves next to the mirror? Although they may seem irrelevant, our needs and expectations, as well as their fulfillment, are the key to creating a friendly interior!

Step 2 Specify your style

What is next? It is time to choose the overall style of your dream bathroom. If you dream of a cosy bathing salon, where you can hide from the whole world and relax in a warm bath after a long day - use warm colours and natural materials. Tiles and furniture inspired by wood, floating shapes, the softness of rugs and towels… all of this will make the bathroom a real oasis of peace.

If children are to use the bathroom - do not be afraid of vivid, saturated colours. In such a case, playing with colour and shape is a bull’s eye hit. What if you prefer stylish minimalism? Then you should focus on collections decorated in cooler colours - fashionable grey and black. You would like sharper, geometric lines of ceramics and cabinets. Give up accessories and decorations. Let pure simplicity dominate.

Step 3 Choose the furniture

Once you know exactly what your perfect bathroom should look like, it's time to choose pieces that match this vision. Let's start with the furniture.

Contrary to popular opinion, building to size is not the only option. Even for the smallest and most incommodious spaces. Thanks to modular collections, for example, MODUO, we no longer have to be afraid that the cabinets we like the most will not fit due to their size. We can perfectly match not only the dimensions of individual pieces of furniture, but also their features such as the countertop type.

MODUO is a comprehensive collection including several types of under-counter and hanging cabinets, posts and shallow and deep washbasin cabinets. The furniture is decorated in a fashionable colour palette. Blue and grey colours as well as an oak pattern will perfectly fit the style of a bathroom for either a family or a single person, modern or classic interior. Everything to make your bathroom really yours.

Step 4 Choose the ceramics

Harmony and coherence - these are the two features that make us feel good in a given interior. How should you introduce them into your bathroom? The best way to achieve this is to properly match all elements - including the furniture and ceramics. The choice of the latter, due to the broad range of products available on the market, is not easy at all. That is why it is best to focus on one, comprehensive and possibly wide collection, and choose all of the elements that we need from it. CREA is a great example.

This collection includes thin-rimmed washbasins (10 mm thick rim), toilets, bathtubs with thin walls designed for tiling, as well as elegant, minimalist and refined furniture. Regardless of whether we choose a circular or rectangular washbasin, a corner bathtub or a traditional one - we are sure that everything will fit together perfectly. Importantly, in the case of CREA, the fashionable design goes hand in hand with advanced technology, which enhances the usability. Not only do the innovative solutions provide greater durability (made of a modified ceramic), but also help maintain cleanliness (flangeless CleanOn technology).

Step 5 Take care of the accessories

The last, but certainly not least, important stage is the selection of decorations. At this point, you have to go back to determining the style of design that suits you best, and then combine it with the needs of your family. It is at this stage that we choose the background heroes - bathroom accessories. Hooks, cups, boxes, and textiles will complement the image of the interior and let you feel as comfortable as possible.

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