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Beautiful bathroom - 3 fashionable styles

Beautiful bathroom - 3 fashionable styles
Modern, avant-garde, or perhaps thoroughly classical? Here are the three most popular styles of bathroom interior design. Which one do you like the most?

How should you design your ideal bathroom? This question is asked by everybody planning to renovate or complete the interior of their flat or house. The problem is that a single right answer does not exist. And this is because some dream of a cosy bathing salon and others strongly prefer interiors that are elegant and chic. Neither choice is bad.
So what do we have to choose from? Here are three styles to look out for.


Modern bathroom

There are many recipes for a modern bathroom. You can choose modest minimalism or even asceticism, cool industriality, a dynamic metropolitan style or chick glamour. Each of these arrangements is based on furniture and appliances with simple geometric lines and cool colours.

It is worth paying attention to the CITY collection, referring to the post-industrial style characteristic of New York lofts. This original concept encourages with both its design and functionality. It includes ceramics and furniture, which are available in two colours - universal white and oak grey.


Classic bathroom

Subdued colours, natural materials, furnishings with simple lines - this is a recipe for a classic bathroom. These interiors encourage you to rest after a long day, for example by taking a long, hot bath. It is cosy and intimate, comfortable and elegant at the same time, so it is not surprising that it has many enthusiasts.

The recipe for a classic bathroom is moderation and timeless design. When choosing this style, you have to remember that the individual pieces of the interior, such as ceramics, furniture and accessories, must be coherent and create a harmonious whole. That is why it is worth choosing from the readily available solutions. For example, LARA cabinet and washbasin sets. The simple lines of ceramics and wood-inspired furniture colours from this collection will fit perfectly in a cosy bathing salon.


Avant-garde bathroom

And how about standing out of the crowd? A bold colour combination, interesting textures and innovative solutions - these are suggestions for those who dream of an original and unusual bathroom. Contrary to appearances, we do not have to decide on a riot of colours or futuristic shapes to make our interior avant-garde. A good example is the INDIRA tiles collection.

The combination of black and white is both classic and bold. It works in interiors with varied styles, whose common denominator is eye-catching elegance. A mirage of tiles with a satin finish and unconventional decorations with a subtle patchwork pattern makes the INDIRA collection appealing to all those who value proven and effective solutions.

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