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Bathroom fittings. The most important features of a good quality tap

Bathroom fittings. The most important features of a good quality tap
When arranging a bathroom, every detail plays a huge role. Therefore, it is not only furniture and ceramics that should focus our attention. It is also worth carefully considering the choice of fittings, which are supposed to serve for many years. As a functional element of the interior, it can also be an impressive decoration. And thanks to ever more innovative technology, it allows savings in the consumption of water and energy.

The most common factor that determines the choice of a bathroom faucet is the design. And although it matters, it does not reflect the other equally important features of a perfect tap. In a good tap, in addition to its elegant appearance, the other important features are reliable performance, durability, functional solutions and comfort of use.

At the same time, we often leave the purchase of fittings to the end. And then, the purchase is carried out in a hurry and it is rarely thought through. That is why it is best to think about the type of bathroom tap at the stage of choosing interior furnishings – which a tap actually is. Thanks to this, we will surely find the perfect model, matching the bathroom design and compatible with individual preferences. And, at the same time, ecological and economical.

What type of tap to choose?

The basis for selecting a tap is to match its type to the plumbing installation. If the water supply pipes are above the ceramic elements, a wall-mounted tap is installed, which is most often a two-hole version. In the case of pipes installed below the level of the washbasin or a bathtub, an upright (pillar) tap is suitable – here, the single-hole models are the most popular. In this way, we can also immediately adjust the tap to the type of the plumbing fixture – a model with or without holes.

An upright tap is relatively easy to assemble, so you can do it yourself. It is placed in the opening of the sink or tub, the standard diameter of which is within the range of 2.8-3.5 cm. In the case of a wall-mounted model, it is very important to carefully check the distance between hot and cold water connections in order to select a tap with the appropriate spacing of rosettes. The standard is 15 cm with the possibility of a 2 cm deviation.

What features to take into account?

We have chosen the tap design, we have also checked whether the model will ensure comfortable use. However, before making the final decision, it is worth considering the technology. Taps and shower sets often use ecological solutions - they help reduce water and energy consumption. In this way, we can save natural resources, while also realistically reducing utility bills.

If you are interested in ‘eco’ solutions, your first choice should be a single-lever mixer, which, compared to fittings with multiple taps, allows for a reduction of water consumption by 1/3. And because it allows quick and easy setting of water flow and temperature, it also increases the comfort of use.

In Cersanit fittings, we have used some additional, very practical solutions that make up the Water Save technology.

Water Save Tap Aerator

The tap aerator is a factory installed element at the end of the tap spout. It has the form of a cap and consists of a system of plastic and metal sieves. Its aim is to ensure the comfort of use and reduce water consumption. We use two types of tap aerators in Cersanit faucets. Traditional Cersanit Air normally aerates the stream, thanks to which it increases its volume and strength – so we do not have to open the tap further. The Water Save Tap Aerator, thanks to its special design, exerts negative pressure on water, as a result of which the air is sucked into the interior of the aerator and mixed with water. In this way, it not only increases the volume of the stream, but also reduces the amount of flowing water flowing to 6 litres per minute. As a result, it limits water consumption by up to 50%, which allows for significant savings.

Cersanit Thermo-Block mechanism.

If you want to reduce the temperature of the water stream, you should consider a faucet with the Thermo-Block mechanism, which is fitted in selected Cersanit faucets. This system enables independent, mechanical adjusting of the cartridge internal ring setting when the faucet is being installed. This will block the complete actuation of the faucet handle and thus limit the maximum water temperature. It is an ecological and safe solution because it saves energy and prevents possible burns.

Design going hand in hand with functionality

If you already know what type of tap is suitable for your interior, you can think about other factors that contribute to making a good choice. First of all, the fittings must match the size of the plumbing fixtures – a sink or a bathtub. Both too small and too big taps will not be comfortable, they will even hinder everyday activities. This combination will also be very unsightly.

The fittings should match the style of the bathroom arrangement, so it is worth looking at the available models. The taps can be of different construction, from round with delicate lines to highly geometric designs with pronounced edges and flat surfaces. While the former are suitable for classic interiors, the latter are ideal for bathrooms decorated in a modern way. The surface of all models is usually chrome-plated in silver, but there are also faucets with painted elements.

 Cersanit’s offer includes coloured varnished faucets – white from the MILLE WHITE collection and black from the MILLE BLACK collection, thanks to which the bathroom will acquire a unique character. In addition to painted surfaces, these models have chrome-plated inserts, making them extremely elegant.

An important part of tap construction is the spout, whose shape and position affect the comfort of use. A spout that is too short will make washing difficult, when it is too long it may cause splashing of water. A slightly raised spout will increase the range of the stream. Cersanit VERO and AVEDO collection taps are equipped with a tap aerator at the end of a sloping spout, which turns out to be a very practical solution. The water flows at an angle, thus ensuring optimal stream length.

Ceramic cartridge with two-stage adjustment.

The cartridge is a very important part of a tap. Made up of ceramic discs, it is a place for water mixing. The movement of discs allows for changing the water flow – its intensity and temperature. Cersanit taps are equipped in a reliable ceramic cartridge with the Water Save system. It is a two-stage system for regulating the outflow of water, which allows for using the amount of water that we need at the moment. This solution has a real effect on saving water and energy. The operation of the mechanism is very simple. A slight raise of the handle provides half the flow we get when we lift it completely.

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