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Bathroom economics, or how to save water in the bathroom

Bathroom economics, or how to save water in the bathroom
Ecological solutions are not a fad anymore, they are the norm, and it is a good idea to use them. Using energy and water saving technologies, as well as good habits, can have a real impact on your home budget.

Natural resource management is something more people are becoming aware of – we sort our waste, choose energy-saving light bulbs, reduce our consumption and choose quality over quantity. In our flats, we make use of solutions which allow us to reduce maintenance costs. We want to be able to control our water use and, at the same time, improve the home budget. Remember that costs are also dependent on our habits, which is why acquiring good ones is a great idea – you can turn off the tap when shaving or brushing your teeth or fix taps which are leaking, for example. It is also a good idea to look for equipment which offers functionalities preventing your eco-policy from reducing the quality of life when using the bathroom.

Daily hygiene and comfort

Caring about the home budget does not have to require austerity measures or increased workloads e.g. when cleaning. Quite the opposite! There are innovative solutions available which offer simple ways of ensuring cleanliness, hygiene and comfort of use. As an example, the introduction of the CleanOn technology to toilet bowls has eliminated the problem of dirt and bacteria accumulating in hard to reach places. Such bowls do not have an interior rim, meaning that they are convenient, practical and economical. Cleaning them is easy and does not require any strong cleaning agents, allowing you to save a lot of time and money. In addition, uniformly-distributed water thoroughly rinses the entire interior of the bowl, making it fresh and clean. Effective flushing is also important here, as it significantly reduces the use of water in comparison with traditional toilet bowls. The CleanOn technology is available in the Caspia, Como, City Oval, Carina and Parva Colour bowls, as well as in Colour, Carina, Parva and Etiuda compacts.

When designing a bathroom, it is a good idea to stop and think about the flushing buttons, and choose ones which come equipped with economical flushing systems using 2 and 4 litres, instead of 3 and 6. The effectiveness stays the same, but water use decreases significantly.

Ecological fittings

Living in harmony with the environment consists in conscious efforts to save water. Bathroom mixer taps are some of the most-heavily used devices in every household. This is why, when choosing the fittings, it is also a good idea to take into consideration their ecological functions in addition to their looks. When choosing your bathroom equipment, single taps which allow you to quicker adjust the intensity of the stream are the best choice. The aerator at the end of the tap and the ceramic disc cartridge are some of their most important parts. The aerator is a special sieve which aerates the water, making the stream appear larger while reducing water use by up to a half compared to regular products! As a result, the maximum capacity of an aerator-equipped tap is only 6 litres per minute. Yet another ecological solution which increases the efficiency of your fittings is the ceramic disc cartridge, which allows for smooth and precise regulation of intensity and temperature. It is also responsible for preventing leakage and ensuring that the tap makes no noise. Cartridges come equipped with rings which limit the maximum size of the stream. Water temperature limiters, on the other hand, help save energy and offer protection from scalding. These two effective solutions are also used in shower heads, allowing you to enjoy your bath and save water at the same time.

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