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Collections TAKO SLIM

The TAKO SLIM tray collection is a solution for those
who value interesting design and unique solutions in their
bathroom. Extremely low, the only 4 cm tall tray can be
installed on the floor or flush with the tiles. Two shapes
and two sizes are available in the collection - rounded
and square - which enable their adaptation to the shower
enclosure size. Its modern nature is demonstrated by
the absence of visible edges and a covered drain with
a magnetic cap, giving the impression of a uniform
structure. The low rim fits perfectly into the minimalist
trend, and its compactness further facilitates installation.
Such a solution will be perfect for the modern interior
of an individual who values style, functionality, as well
as comfort of use. The minimalist form of TAKO SLIM
shower trays is a response to the needs of modern
design, as well as the perfect basis for creating your
dream bathroom space.

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