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Collections INVERTO by Cersanit FITTINGS

INVERTO by Cersanit is a collection of premium products and among them the most noteworthy are faucets for free-standing bathtubs, a washbasin countertop faucet with a unique profile and shape, the SLIM stainless steel rain shower with Cersanit EasyCLEAN finishing, and concealed faucets with a box for easy installation and maintenance. As a standard, each faucet has a reliable ceramic cartridge, and washbasin faucets have a silicone Cersanit Water Save aerator responsible for the aeration and softness of water, as well as for its maximum saving.  

INVERTO's by Cersanit higher level of elegance not only manifests itself in an extremely wide range of stylish products, but also in the freedom of choice it gives to the user every day. With two different holders included in 2 DESIGN IN 1, you decide about the look of your faucet, every day. All faucets contain two different handles: in the case of gold ones, these are handles of various shapes, and in the case of black and chrome ones - these come in various additional colors: black with gold, chrome with black. Therefore, INVERTO's by Cersanit Maximum Minimalism allows for the variability that will make the arrangement ravishing for a very long time.

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