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ACCENTO SQUARE is a series of pneumatic flush buttons that is an ideal option for users who seek a product that combines the highest performance with unique design. The buttons are in a classic, square shape and the system itself is available in three different colour versions: shiny chrome, as well as white, and black glass. As such, you can easily choose the version that will match any type of interior designs, ranging from stylish and elegant to minimalistic and modern. Each comes with a two-stage, water-saving flushing system, and in each case, the larger button is covered with a decorative finish. The fact that ACCENTO SQUARE uses materials of the highest quality guarantees smooth and quiet operation of the system, and ensures that it will meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. ACCENTO SQUARE flush buttons are fully compatible with the AQUA-series pneumatic WC concealed systems and are adapted to utilise the FRESH SYSTEM.

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