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alpine wood

Collection alpine wood
Collection alpine wood
Collection alpine wood

When combined with white tiles from the ALPINE WOOD WHITE collection, interior finishes in delicate colours create an intriguing visual effect, occasionally broken up by the hues encapsulated by ornamental additions. This collection of tiles, designed to imitate bleached wood, is a perfect choice for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens and even children's rooms, as it quickly adds freshness to your interior of choice. Since these bright tiles with a matte structure are suitable for walls and floors alike, they guarantee originality and limitless arrangement possibilities for any space.
The impressive look of these Scandinavian-style tiles makes them a perfect choice for bedrooms, where their brightness can be broken up with colourful, natural-material additions, effectively creating an aura of comfort and originality. In the children's room, the ALPINE WOOD WHITE collection can be combined with pastel-coloured decorations to easily create a place where your child’s imagination can flourish.

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