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Black and white classic
Collection pret-à-porter
Collection pret-à-porter
Collection pret-à-porter

The combination of black and white is a timeless duo, thanks to which we can easily create a fashionable bathroom in any style. The Prêt-à-Porter collection is the answer to contemporary interior design trends, in which contrasting colour combinations play a key role. The wide range of base tiles in black and white allows us to create original, elegant interiors.

The collection includes 25x75 base tiles available in two variants. The smooth version is ideal for an elegant glamour-style bathroom. In the second variant, the tiles are characterised by an original texture imitating that of cloth, adding a unique character to the bathroom. Anyone enjoying black and white interiors can also find two decorative inserts: with a mosaic motif or floral motif, and a beautiful, brick-styled structural tile, which can be appreciated by retro enthusiasts. The art deco style is brought into the interior by a three-piece floral composition, printed on glass, which gives the artistic effect of monochrome photography.