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Grant for Cersanit for new technologies


The project is being developed in cooperation with the Warsaw University of Technology, which will be responsible for, among others, the preparation of the final product prototype and support in the design process of the pilot installation.

Environmental advantages of the new technology

One of the most important aspects of the innovative two-layer tile manufacturing and installation technology is the environmental aspect. The top layer of the final product is expected to be a tile with a thickness not yet seen on the market (starting at just 3 mm). This will significantly reduce the use of gas and electricity in the production process, thereby reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. The project is also to explore the possibility of creating a backing layer using waste materials from ceramic production such as defective tiles previously discarded after firing or dust produced in the rectification process. The mass produced using them is designed to make maximum use of the waste available in the plants, while maintaining exceptional strength. Making application easier by leaving adhesive out and using an integrated lock will further minimize waste production during the redecoration itself.

Advantages of the adhesive-free system

Apart from the ecological aspect, the new technology developed by Cersanit SA also has many other extremely functional features, which will affect the comfort of installation and will make it possible to apply the obtained product on one's own in an easy way, thus bypassing the constantly increasing costs related to hiring the services of finishing specialists or, alternatively, significantly shorten the time needed for the floor to be installed by the assemblers – the decrease in costs, according to calculations, may be even reach 90% as compared to traditionally installed surfaces. The distinctive feature of the project is also the size of the product, which is in line with popular trends observed on the market – the maximum planned format may even reach 160 x 320 cm.

Project value: 142 696 571.04 PLN
Co-financing of the project from the EU: 58 036 132.30 PLN
Project duration: 01/07/2021 - 31/11/2023

Project co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Smart Growth Programme.
The project is carried out as part of the competition of the National Center for Research and Development (Narodowe Centrum Badań i Rozwoju, NCBiR): under the Smart Growth Operational Programme.