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Format 40x120 in gres technology, intended for wall tiling


Format 40x120 in gres technology, intended for wall tiling

Innovation and trend-setting have always been behind the success of the Cersanit and Opoczno brands. It is on combining modern production techniques with pro-consumer solutions that the companies build their strong market position. The fruit of this constant modernization is the modern Continua+ technology which made it possible to realize the manufacturer's idea to use it to create a collection of wall gres. This solution, used for the first time in Poland by the Cersanit and Opoczno brands, guarantees increased durability in relation to traditional wall tiles and a wide range of new arrangement possibilities.

Cersanit and Opoczno are the first ceramic tile manufacturers in Poland to introduce the 40x120 format for wall finishes in gres technology. All thanks to one of the most innovative technologies currently available in the ceramics industry, additionally considered revolutionary in the context of tile production. Continua+ allows the production of gres tiles in almost any size. This innovative technological solution was introduced to production lines by the Cersanit and Opoczno brands in 2018, and a year later the debut large-format wall collections in gres technology were released.  Achieving such a durable product with sizes reaching up to 120x240 cm and thicknesses ranging from 6 to 12 mm is possible thanks to a new way of pressing the granulate. Until now, moulds were used in which the granulate was poured in and then pressed. With the Continua+ technology, the granulate is poured into a wide belt and then specially rolled. This is then cut into the appropriate format set by the computer. This method allows greater possibilities of decorating the obtained closed tiles in large formats, and thus to offer customers a design, variety of textures, patterns and styles tailored to their needs. Gres is characterized by extraordinary strength and resistance to abrasion, which is why it has so far been used mainly for flooring. The innovative Continua+ technology transfers these extraordinary properties to wall tiles, thanks to which interiors will be able to retain their prime condition even longer.

Countless benefits

The great advantage of this method of production is also the fact that, despite the elongation and widening of the production line, it consumes less energy than its traditional version. Continua+ changes not only the production process itself. It also has a visible impact on the offer of tiles. Thanks to the implementation, the Cersanit and Opoczno brands can offer their customers products of new quality. New standards have appeared in the context of the tiles' design, i.e. their unusual formats and patterns. The technology of digital wet and dry decoration increases the possibilities of the large-format smooth, structural and polished tiles that have recently been so sought after.

The world of large format on the wall

The use of such a large format in case of wall gres guarantees a wide range of usable values and aesthetics. A larger surface on which graphics can be applied allows for small details that would be blurred in the case of smaller tiles. That is why in collections created using the Continua+ technology, drawings imitating wood, concrete and precious stones look so realistic. The larger size of gres intended for walls also means that less joints are used during installation, giving the impression of a uniform surface and optically enlarging the interior. An important role is also played by relatively small thickness of the tiles. Thanks to that it is easier to process the product and the transport and installation process becomes much more efficient - which is good news especially for home DIY enthusiasts. Examples of such projects can be found in the diverse collections of  40x120 cm gres from Cersanit. These are proposals of unlimited possibilities allowing for creating bold and custom arrangements for all those who want to bring the latest global trends into their homes. When creating them, the brand was inspired by the vibrant life of the city and the beauty of the nature that surrounds us. This combination resulted in collections where raw concrete perfectly harmonizes with the naturalness of stone and shiny beauty of rusting metal. Discover them today - let the world of different textures, patterns and styles closed in large format tiles surprise you. 

Thanks to the forward-looking approach to the creation of unique products of the Cersanit and Opoczno brands, the high usability parameters of gres tiles have finally been transferred onto our walls. This modern, creative solution will surely be pleasing to our eyes for many years to come.