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MILLE - modern bathroom collection

Mille - modern bathroom collection

The MILLE collection by Cersanit

The MILLE collection offers a wide range of beautiful, modern products at an affordable price. It gives you freedom to design a space, allows you to arrange both a larger bathroom for families or a single, as well as a small toilet. The use of elements of the same collection makes it possible to maintain the visual consistency of the designed room.

LARA MILLE ceramic and furniture sets

LARA MILLE ceramic and furniture sets attract attention with their modern design and great variety. They consist of washbasin furniture, available in various sizes and colors, and washbasins of special construction: top surface of the washbasin is greater than size of the bottom. Such structure allows for more efficient use of the bathroom area; the set takes up less space.

Therefore, they can successfully fulfill their function both in a large family bathroom, a version with a standard depth, and a small toilet, version SLIM (shallower cabinets and a washbasin).



Do you have a small bathroom or a toilet? LARA MILLE SLIM set will certainly be an excellent option. The size of the top surface of the washbasin is greater than size of the bottom. Such structure allows for more efficient use of the bathroom area.

LARA MILLE sets in SLIM version are available in various sizes and colours.



Do you like to have little accessories unnder hand? LARA MILLE ceramic and furniture sets in STANDARD version are a combination of a cabinets with spacious drawers and in 80 and 100 cm washbasins. They have wide depositive areas on both side of the washabin – additonal place for the necessary small items that are always at hand. Thanks to these solutions, the daily toilet is comfortable and perfectly organised.



Do you need more space for other bathroom accessories? Nothing easier. Choose one of the three LARA pillars, available in three colors, with a soft-close system.

LARA Pillars are available in various colours


The MILLE bathroom armatutre stands for modern design and innovative technological solutions. The geometric, almost raw armature shape was obtained thanks to clearly marked edges of perfectly flat spout and a handle. Additionally, rosettes of the bathshower faucet and shower faucet have a met square shape . Innovative solutions increase comfort of everyday usage.


MILLE wall hung bowls in CleanOn technology

MILLE wall hung bowls stands for the high quality of the Cersanit ceramics, modern design and unique white colour, CERSANIT WHITE. They are produced in the CleanOn technology, so that water effectively washes all internal bowl surfaces, thus maintaining hygiene is easier and simpler. MILLE collection offers two hanging bowls MILLE and MILLE PLUS. The MILLE PLUS bowl’s shape is so perf ectly oval tha t it looks like, when viewed from the bowl front, a hanging bo wl fully taped. Both MILLE wall hanging bowls are available in sets with the dedicated MILLE toilet seat or in a sets with MILLE wall hung bowl, AQUA concealed frame and a flush buton.

MILLE wall hung bowls in CleanOn technology


MILLE shower enclousers is a series o f popular type of the Walk-in enclousers, which, thanks to their design, optically enlarge the arranged space. The space takes on lightness and a modern style. Enclousers are available in two sizes and the two most fashionable color options: chrome and matte black. Height, up to 200 cm, and 8 mm thick, safe tempered glass, these are undoubtedly the advantages of these enclousers. Additionally, the enclouser is protected by a protective coating CleanPro, which prevents limescale and dirt to build up on the surface of the glass. Less time spent on keeping cleanliness, more to enjoy bathing.


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