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Wood-inspired ceramic tile concepts

Discover the beauty of wood-like tiles

NATURAL RHYTHM is for every original and noticeable interiors lovers, with a complete range of gres tiles, inspired by the natural beauty of wood, in the collections: ORAGNIC WOOD, WOODLAND, and I LOVE WOOD. Tiles driven by such timeless themes, will bring the unique climate to your interior, allowing to experience the nature. After returning home it is essential to take a rest and calm, having the proper interior would be crucial here. After all, nothing is as relaxing as close contact with nature. Tiles that capture the essence of wood allow you to express your style, but also will transform your apartment into an oasis of peace and harmony – place that you would happily return to. Wood-pattern tiles are suitable for various interior styles, from rustic to modern, providing everlasting aesthetics. Furthermore, accompanied by decorations, subtle colours, they won’t dominate, but create a coherent entirety. To create an exceptional interior design, it is just to select the proper collection, and it will please your eyes for years.

Wood-inspired ceramic tile concepts 2

ORGANIC WOOD is a unique rectified gres tile collection inspired by real wood, available in the largest format offered by Cersanit (19,8 × 119,8 cm). The collection’s distinguishing features are: the anti-slip coating, long-lasting durability and variety of patterns. Thanks to their unique design and excellent technical parameters, gres tiles are a great choice for private and commercial spaces. Wherever the Organic Wood collection is used, it is sure to become the highlight.

W całości intrygujący koncept

The WOODLAND collection is the quintessence of the natural beauty of wood, in the 18,5 × 59,8 cm format. The various structures and wood colours establish a genuine connection with nature. The collection consist of: american walnut, oak and pine, with their uniqueness enhanced by the characteristics they reflect, all thanks to the unique design of the tiles. The development of the colour palette for gres tiles was driven by various of customer’s tastes and interior styles. The collection includes several tones of grey, white and brown, as well as warm and cold beige. Due to their universal characteristic, the tiles are suitable to use on the floor as well as on the wall.

i love wood - wood concept - wood-like tiles

I LOVE WOOD collection

The I LOVE WOOD collection are the gres tiles in the 18,5 × 59,8 cm format with a variety of patterns and colours. It includes a range of tones, from light to dark, and saturated colours, all the way to cool and elegant shades of brown. This wide array provides numerous interior options to perfectly match your individual needs. The excellent durability and damage resistance of the tiles make them suitable for any space imaginable. The I Love Wood collection fully emphasizes the beauty and unique nature of wood. When placed on the floor, the tiles create a natural effect resembling wood panelling.

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