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White or black — which color will work better inside a bathroom?

White or black — which color will work better inside a bathroom?

black and white bathroom

The combination of black and white is as classic as it gets. But that doesn't mean it has to be obvious or... boring. Quite the contrary! How to use these colors in a fun way in a bathroom arrangement?

Is it possible to create a bathroom arrangement that is interesting and original based on just two absolutely basic colors? Yes, as long as the colors are white and black. Contrary to what one might think, these two colors offer a lot of possibilities.



White and black are usually associated with elegant interiors. And not without reasons — this color duo was loved by the famous Coco Chanel, among others. In this version, white usually plays a leading role — it appears on walls in the form of glossy tiles, such as those from the SIMPLE ART collection, on ceramics and textiles. Black, on the other hand, is usually used for accessorizing — in the form of decorative elements, placed here and there, or as the timeless chessboard floor patter. Sometimes, in arrangements that are more adventurous, yet still retain their classic subtlety, the color of tar is also used on a selected wall or parts of it, in the form of glossy tiles, but matt is becoming increasingly popular as well (also available in the SIMPLE ART collection).


With a touch of craziness

However, the classic concept is only a part of the possibilities offered by the black and white duo of colors. Juggling elements of these two opposing colors can create a very original and unique interior design. A good idea is to reverse the proportions and use deep black elements in place of those which are usually white — a good example of this concept is black ceramics and fittings. Or you can focus on playing with geometry and laying tiles on the wall or on the floor in an unusual way. However, it is worth to curb your enthusiasm a little and limit yourself e.g. only to one wall or recess as too much craziness will not look good.
You can also take advantage of a wide range of increasingly interesting tile designs. The SIMPLE ART collection mentioned above, apart from base tiles, includes interesting tiles with a surface resembling the structure of a not entirely regular mosaic. White and black glossy tiles are an extraordinary decoration that will determine the character of the entire interior.




Focus on a pattern

It is also worth remembering that chessboard and geometric patterns are not the only possibility for combining white and black. The character of a single-color wall can be changed even with narrow contrasting tile strips. And when looking for decorative tiles, you have to check out the tiles from the BLACK&WHITE collection. Kaleidoscope-like ornaments, floral motifs and even seemingly modest, regularly arranged black dots on a white background are a refreshing idea for an original bathroom interior.


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